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Honeysuckle Jelly

Posted by Ladyhawk on August 25, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Makes 7 half-pints


4 cups honeysuckle flowers

4 cups boiling water

1/4 c. lemon juice

4 cups sugar

1 package liquid pectin


First you need to make an infusion to draw the flavor out of the flowers. It’s very simple.

Prepare the flowers by removing the tiny green tip at the base of the petals.


Next, bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a large saucepan, turn the heat off, then add the honeysuckle flowers you’ve gathered and allow them to steep for about 45 min., stirring occasionally.


Strain the flowers from the liquid. You need two cups of the infusion for this recipe.



In the same saucepan, stir together 2 cups flower infusion, the lemon juice, and the sugar; bring to a hard boil that won’t stir down. Add the pectin and boil for 2 min; reduce heat if necessary to avoid boiling over.


Ladle into hot, sterilized jars, and screw on lids.


Allow to cool for 24 hours, then test the lids to make sure the jars are properly sealed.


Home Made Honesuckle Flower Essence

Posted by Ladyhawk on August 25, 2012 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

You will need some basic supplies to make this Floral Essence


1 Clear Glass container

Measuring cup

Labels for jars

Permanent marker for writing date and essence


5-8 oz Honeysuckle Flowers without any green stems

5 oz Distilled or Spring water

2 oz Brandy or Vodka (I use only 1/4th brandy) or it can taste a little bitter.

*If you are a Reiki practitioner you can infuse the water and flowers with Reiki or sit the clear glass jar on a charging plate


1. Allow to sit in direct sunlight for 5+  Hours in the glass container

2. Strain through cheesecloth

3. Place into dark bottles and add the brandy (this becomes your mother essence)

4. Shake to blend the essence


This will last up to 6 months. It could last longer but you will use it long before then :)


Place 4 drops under the tongue or in a glass of pure water. Use up to 4 times per day for healing purposes.


Positive qualities of Honeysuckle:

Being fully in the present; learning from the past while releasing it.


Patterns of imbalance it helps:

Nostalgia; emotional attachment to the past, longing for what was.


Time is the current of the incarnated soul. If it does not navigate the stream of time, it drowns in the past or parches its future possibilities. The soul needing Honeysuckle flower essence stifles life force and denies its true evolution by living too much in past events, places and relationships.


Such a soul needs more inner flexibility and adaptability. Rather than face the challenge of change, it clings emotionally to a past which seems to have been more appealing. This perception is usually an illusion; for example, a past relationship or an earlier phase of one's life can be glossed over with dreamy reverie, ignoring the actual pain and trauma that was part of the experience.


The lesson of Honeysuckle flower essence has to do with the soul's perceptive faculties; being able to learn from previous life experiences by seeing clearly their meaning and message. When this occurs, it frees the soul to grow and change, to experience life with intention and purpose, as an ever unfolding present and ever-possible future.


Honeysuckle is the Bach Flower Remedy that allows you to live in the present rather than the past.


The negative Honeysuckle state keeps a person "stuck" in the past - unable and unwilling to accept the changes of his or her present life, and expecting nothing good to come from the future.


This state generally takes one two forms:

First is the person who resists change and refuses to accept changes that come about through the continual flux of life. If there is to be a change, he wants to determine how and when that change will come about. And even then, he may not be happy with the results.


For instance, a couple who has moved to a new city or a new part of town may talk continuously of the old neighborhood and refuse to embrace the new. Thus it becomes impossible to make new friends or become accepted into the community.


We've all seen individuals who refuse to accept the advances of time - and continue to dress and act as if they did in youth. This often happens to those in the movie industry, whose careers rested on their good looks.

The Honeysuckle state is also apparent in those who have lost a spouse, but refuse to part with their belongings or move on to another relationship, even after years have passed.


These are the people for whom the past was better than the present, and they want desperately to hang on to it. They cannot learn from the experiences of the past nor can they integrate those experiences into the present.

Another form of the negative Honeysuckle state is evident when one has regrets about the past and cannot let them go. These individuals replay their missed opportunities and mistakes.


The Honeysuckle state is common and understandable in the elderly. They believe that no new experiences are coming, so they relieve better days of the past. Honeysuckle can be used to combat the regret that one is growing old, and the use of this Bach Flower Essence to relieve that regret can result in a more youthful look - particularly in the skin and in a person's bearing.


The Honeysuckle state can be temporary, as in children gone off to camp or school who are homesick.


This Bach Flower Remedy can relieve that anxiety and allow the child to gain full pleasure from his or her new experiences.


In a positive Honeysuckle state, one is able to connect to the past and learn from it - holding on to good memories and letting go of regret over poor ones. Writers who bring back the past for our enjoyment are living in a positive Honeysuckle state.



 from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz. The most comprehensive and user-friendly flower essence book we've found. Highly recommended for any practitioner.


Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences, Suggestions for August

Posted by Ladyhawk on August 24, 2012 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

The habit of drama is an emotional addiction that is very much part of the 3D reality, that is currently in process of transformation. It can be very persuasive. 

In the current energy flow we all need to stay very much on the ball to ensure that we are not enticed into playing out old games when sensitive issues are triggered off.

So with the need to stay out of emotional drama so much on the agenda right now, we thought that it might be helpful to start this month’s suggestions with a focus on some essences that relate to this issue. An important first requirement here is the development of balanced personal power and the ability to own our own energetic space as a right.

Both these issues are related to the proper functioning of the solar plexus chakra and are still difficult issues for many, because they are attributes that have not been encouraged or positively modelled for us as we grew up. In this situation it is likely that we actually learned to rely on others energetically and emotionally for our security and foundation in life, a situation that does not make it easy to develop emotional detachment in later life. So if this is an issue for you we highly recommend a bottle or two of our Solar Plexus Chakra combination to help. 

Those who are naturally emotional by nature, perhaps with a tendency towards rather volatile emotional reactions might also find that either Emotional Balance; restoring emotional stability or Balance would be very supportive in this context. For those who find themselves very easily affected by others strong emotions or unable to detach from emotionally volatile situations our very popular Auric Protection spray is an absolute ‘must have’. It is excellent to help reduce feelings of over sensitivity and vulnerability that cause many such difficulty and discomfort. The Auric Protection combination is also available in a dropper bottle for those who prefer.

The ability to hold a higher perspective on the unfolding events in the world today is related to the link between heart and soul that will be very much in focus the flow of Leo energy this month, so with this in mind here are some essences to help enhance that connection. Firstly for those who feel the need for support to clear away old issues so that the heart can open more fully we suggest either a Heart Chakra combination or Unconditional Love to help. Then, either Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind or Soul Connection; enlightenment would be very helpful to stimulate greater connection between heart and soul.

At the top of our list for heart opening and frequency raising energies come thankfulness and gratitude.

Remembering to find something to be thankful for, within even the most challenging of situations, can be the quickest way that we know of to bring about change. So we will leave you with the reminder that either Thankfulness restoring gratitude or Gratitude would be helpful for anyone wishing to stimulate more of these qualities this month.



The Gerson Therapy

Posted by Ladyhawk on July 29, 2012 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

What is the Gerson Therapy so many people have been talking about?

I wanted to find out for myself. As many of you know I was diagnosed with a serious blood condition known as Chronic Neutropenia, Fibromyalgia, as well as Degenerative Bone disease a few years ago and these conditions got so bad that I had to stop working. I could hardly get out of bed I was so weak and in so much pain in my joints.

After learning of the Gerson therapy I decided to try it and within one week of being on it my conditions improved greatly. Within a couple of weeks of being on it my health conditions were completely cured. When I held the test results in my hands I couldn't believe it. So I am sharing their information with you because you may also know someone in need of dire physical healing.

The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements.


With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates your body’s magnificent ability to heal itself – with no damaging side effects. This a powerful, natural treatment boosts the body’s own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases.

Dr. Max Gerson developed the Gerson Therapy in the 1930s, initially as a treatment for his own debilitating migraines, and eventually as a treatment for degenerative diseases such as skin tuberculosis, diabetes and, most famously, cancer.

Learn more about Dr. Max GersonThe Gerson Therapy‘s all-encompassing nature sets it apart from most other treatment methods. The Gerson Therapy effectively treats a wide range of different ailments because it restores the body’s incredible ability to heal itself. Rather than treating only the symptoms of a particular disease, the Gerson Therapy treats the causes of most degenerative diseases: toxicity and nutritional deficiency.

An abundance of nutrients from copious amounts of fresh, organic juices are consumed every day, providing your body with a super-dose of enzymes, minerals and nutrients. These substances then break down diseased tissue in the body, while coffee enemas aid in eliminating toxins from the liver.

Throughout our lives our bodies are being filled with a variety of carcinogens and toxic pollutants. These toxins reach us through the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicines we take and the water we drink. The Gerson Therapy’s intensive detoxification regimen eliminates these toxins from the body, so that true healing can begin.

How the Gerson Therapy WorksThe Gerson Therapy regenerates the body to health, supporting each important metabolic requirement by flooding the body with nutrients from  organically grown fruits and vegetables daily. Most is used to make fresh raw juice, up to one glass every hour, up to 13 times per day. Raw and cooked solid foods are generously consumed. Oxygenation is usually more than doubled, as oxygen deficiency in the blood contributes to many degenerative diseases. The metabolism is also stimulated through the addition of thyroid, potassium and other supplements, and by avoiding heavy animal fats, excess protein, sodium and other toxins.

Degenerative diseases render the body increasingly unable to excrete waste materials adequately, commonly resulting in liver and kidney failure. The Gerson Therapy uses intensive detoxification to eliminate wastes, regenerate the liver, reactivate the immune system and restore the body’s essential defenses – enzyme, mineral and hormone systems. With generous, high-quality nutrition, increased oxygen availability, detoxification, and improved metabolism, the cells – and the body – can regenerate, become healthy and prevent future illness.


Fresh pressed juice from raw foods provides the easiest and most effective way of providing high quality nutrition. By juicing, patients can take in the nutrients and enzymes from the juicing of their produce every day, in a manner that is easy to digest and absorb.

Every day, a typical patient on the Gerson Therapy for cancer consumes up to thirteen glasses of fresh, raw carrot/apple and green-leaf juices. These juices are prepared hourly from fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables, using a two-step juicer or a masticating juicer used with a separate hydraulic press.

The Gerson Diet

The Gerson diet is entirely organic and vegetarian. The diet is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micro-nutrients, and extremely low in sodium, fats, and proteins. The following is a typical daily diet for a Gerson patient on the full therapy regimen:

Thirteen glasses of fresh, raw carrot/apple and green-leaf juices prepared hourly from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.Three full vegetarian meals, freshly prepared from organically grown fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A typical meal will include salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, Hippocrates soup and juice. Fresh fruit and fresh fruit available at all hours for snacking, in addition to the regular diet.To learn more about the Gerson diet, follow the link below to read about which foods are permitted and prohibited on the Gerson Therapy:


All medications used in connection with the Gerson Therapy are classed as biologicals, materials of organic origin that are supplied in therapeutic amounts.

Potassium compound Lugol’s solutionVitamin B-12 Thyroid hormone

Pancreatic EnzymesDetoxificationCoffee enemas are the primary method of detoxification of the tissues and blood on the Gerson Therapy. Cancer patients on the Gerson Therapy may take up to 5 coffee enemas per day. Charlotte Gerson explains the necessity of coffee enemas in Healing the Gerson Way:

“The moment a patient is put on the full therapy, the combined effect of the food, the juices and the medication causes the immune system to attack and kill tumor tissue, besides working to flush out accumulated toxins from the body tissues. This great clearing-out procedure carries the risk of overburdening and poisoning the liver—the all-important organ of detoxification, which, in a cancer patient, is bound to be already damaged and debilitated.”

Coffee enemas accomplish this essential task, assisting the liver in eliminating toxic residues from the body for good. The Gerson Therapy also utilizes castor oil to stimulate bile flow and enhance the liver’s ability to filter blood.

Is the Gerson Therapy Right For You?

No treatment works for everyone, every time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not giving you the facts. We know that when you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening ailment, choosing the best strategy for fighting your illness can be a bewildering task. Everyone claims to have either “the best treatment”, “the fastest cure”, or “the only therapy that works.” In most cases your trusted family physician only has knowledge of conventional treatments, and is either unaware of, or even hostile toward alternative options.

No matter how many opinions you receive on how to treat your disease, you are going to make the final decision on what to do, and you must be comfortable with your decision. Choose a treatment that makes the most sense to you.

Most therapies–conventional or alternative–treat only the individual symptoms while ignoring what is ultimately causing the disease. The reason the Gerson Therapy is effective with so many different ailments is because it restores the body’s incredible ability to heal itself. Rather than treating only the symptoms of a particular disease, the Gerson Therapy treats the cause of the disease itself. Although we feel the Gerson Therapy is the most comprehensive treatment for disease, we don’t claim it will cure everything or everyone.

Patients must be able to eat, drink and eliminate normally. The Gerson Therapy cannot be administered to organ transplant recipients. See our FAQs to learn more about which conditions are contraindicated for the Gerson Therapy, and which conditions respond well to the Therapy.

Are you thinking of following the Gerson Therapy? Read our Get Started page to see our recommendations for beginning the Gerson Therapy. Based on our experience and the experiences of countless other patients, we’ve assembled this guide that takes you from the moment you first hear of the Gerson Therapy to your first day on the full protocol!

Watch the video of Dr. Max Gerson's Daughter speaking on Cancer and on the Gerson diet here.

And the full Documentary here called The Beautiful Truth


5 Secrets of Unblocking Emotions

Posted by Ladyhawk on February 3, 2012 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (8)

E-motions are simply energy in motion, so it’s natural for us to experience our emotions passing through. For many of us however, emotions get stuck and cause pain, confusion and frustration.I believe that the two most common reasons emotions get stuck is because we either get too attached to them or because we ignore them.

Are you super-sensitive to your emotions sensing your way through your life and find it hard to function at times because the force of them is so strong? Perhaps you put a lot of time and energy into telling yourself and others about your emotional process and you’re attached to your emotional wounds.

Or do you belong to the other camp, paying your emotions no attention at all, focusing your attention more on your mind, body, career, family or social life? Maybe you avoid your emotions through an addiction to work, alcohol, drugs, food or sex.

Love them or hate them, I believe that our emotions are the best guide to our Soul’s unfolding. The key is developing enough detachment to watch our emotions ebb and flow and welcome them as friends that guide us into greater connection with ourselves rather than enemies that are trying to ruin our lives!

Some people carry a lot of fear about looking at their emotions because they perceive it will be difficult and painful and inevitably involve digging into the past, bringing up old wounds and re-experiencing difficult times. Actually I find that when we truly get in touch with our emotions; the absolute core of them, the release can be instantaneous.

My philosophy is to get in touch with what’s calling for your attention in one way or another and then let it go. Move on. Don’t stay stuck in old stories, learn the lesson and you will move forward with more joy, energy and greater flow. Emotions only cause us pain when they get stuck so I’m sharing 5 secrets for unblocking them.

1. Listen to your body

Our bodies are a wonderful guide to how we’re really feeling. Our bodies tell it how it really is. Our minds can play all manner of confusing games but our bodies don’t lie. Louise Hay said: “The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.” Pain, discomfort or imbalance in your body tell you about how you’re feeling on an emotional level. Our body calls for our attention when it needs to.

Feeling tired and heavy physically – is there anything you’re emotionally weary of but not noticing? Pains on the left (feminine) side – is there an area of life where you need to use your intuition, nurturing or creativity more? Pains on the right (masculine) side – it’s likely you need to pay more attention to your masculine qualities of thinking, action, and initiating.

Any tension in your shoulders? They’ll carry the burden of responsibility if you’re taking on too much. Stomach problems: ask yourself if it’s fear? Over-sensitivity? Problems setting clear boundaries with others? Is there something going on in life that you literally can’t stomach? Sore throat – is there a difficult conversation you need to have with someone; perhaps you need to speak your truth more? Look honestly at your body and tune into what it’s trying to tell you.

2. Embrace strong emotions

Do you find yourself running away from your emotions saying “I’m not angry” when you’re seething inside or “that doesn’t bother me” when your feelings have been so hurt you feel as if you’ve been ripped open? If it hurts, then the emotional pain is still there regardless of what you say to the contrary. It’s easier to get in touch with our emotions when we embrace them. When a strong emotion comes into your awareness this is a wonderful opportunity for self awareness so don’t fight it when you have a strong emotional reaction to something.

Most of us feel comfortable at the thought of embracing ‘positive’ emotions – joy, excitement etc. Few of us relish the thought of embracing loneliness, fear, anger, resentment, emotional neediness or other so-called ‘negative emotions’. It is one thing to allow yourself to feel emotions in a safe way, it’s another to act them out. It takes discernment to allow ourselves to get in touch with our feelings without taking them out on others.

When we stop running and embrace our emotions they release and stop bothering us.

3. Clear the mind and emotions become clearer too

Meditation is the best way I’ve found to get in touch with emotions because you are consciously creating a quiet space where the mind becomes quiet and the distractions are no longer able to distract. As the mind becomes quiet you will find emotions coming into your awareness. Ask yourself “how am I feeling?” Allow your emotions to be noticed. Just notice not expecting them to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. For example, today am I angry, fearful, excited, confident, worried, depressed, lonely…. Just notice and accept. Next time you meditate, observe whether are you feeling the same or whether is there a different emotion in this quiet space. They ebb and flow, they come and go. Get into the habit of noticing them without attachment.

4. Distill it down to the simple truth

What have you been telling your friends about this week that has pushed your buttons? Perhaps someone stole your parking place, pushed past you in the shops, or didn’t listen to you? “My son’s teacher doesn’t listen to anything I say and the bullying is continuing and Amazon haven’t delivered the stuff I ordered”. Notice the story you tell to others or replay in your own head– this person did that and it made me furious … Stop telling the story and read between your own lines. Distill it down to the simple truth of how you feel, just one word that really gets to the heart of it. “I feel powerless.”

Perhaps you’re keeping your worries inside and they go round and round in your head like a hamster on a wheel. You want to set up your own business but you’re worried that you won’t be able to make a living from it, You don’t know if you’ve got what it takes and fear that you might fail and look ridiculous. Distill it down to the simple truth of how you’re feeling. “I feel scared”. When you hit the simple truth and see it for what it is you’ll feel the relief of inner recognition. Find one word that expresses how you truthfully feel and really allow yourself to sit in the simple truth of that. Accept it, it’s not so bad. Looking it in the eye goes a huge way to releasing it.

5. See the reflection and own it

When someone else pushes your buttons, whether by annoying you or hurting your feelings, it’s yours to integrate. Own the reaction as yours and you’ll feel a huge emotional release. I want to share a story from my life where this happened. I have a friend with no interest in flower essences or personal growth and sees my beliefs as somewhere between ridiculous and irrelevant – he nicknames me Wacko Jacko and regularly tries to find me a ‘proper job’. This has often led to difficult conversations between us and historically it pained me that he didn’t respect my life choices.

When he suggested I got a job in a call centre rather than focusing on this ‘flower essence nonsense’ it really pushed a button for me and I was hurt and furious. I wanted to process my feelings of anger and indignation but the truth was that it hurt me that I’d always believed in him, yet he didn’t believe in me.

Looking honestly at myself, I brought my hurt feeling back home to own it. I turned it round and asked myself truthfully if it hurt because I didn’t believe in me. That felt so deep and true. Suddenly the tension and pain left the situation with that self-awareness. By seeing the pain for what it was, it dissolved. I had been stuck in an old story about lack of self belief, and when I looked at that I realised it didn’t fit any more.

It no longer mattered whether he believed in me or not because I now believe in myself. When you truly believe in yourself you don’t need validation from anyone. So whatever button someone seems to be pushing for you, bring it back home and own it. You have the power to stop it hurting. Get in touch with the part of you that is being reflected back to you in difficult relationships and the pain will flow away.

Guest post First published in Essence of Wild newsletter January 2011.

© 2011 Jackie Stewart. Respectfully.


Your Heart Flower

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For the majority of our waking moments we rely on our minds to help us navigate through our lives. We think, question, analyse, worry, plan, imagine, evaluate, reflect, study, remember, decide, discuss…. No wonder so many of us get sore heads or become exhausted by information overwhelm!

This is an invitation to move your awareness away from the mind and carry it into your heart instead. We invite you to open your heart to the heart of a flower to sense its subtleties. Here’s what to do. Choose a time when you can be alone and silent in nature. It could be in your own garden, a local park or area of wildness… it doesn’t matter where you are but it helps to be silent and focused on your feelings rather than on a friend, partner, children or dog.

Bring your attention to your heart chakra in the centre of your chest. Tune in to how your heart feels; maybe it feels tight or closed or vulnerable. Maybe it feels open, joyous or loving. Just notice how it feels in this moment without expecting it to be any different. Feel the rhythm of your breath as it flows in and out through your heart, imagining that each breath soothes and cares for your precious heart. Call into your heart that feeling that comes when you think of someone or something you love unconditionally. Can you sense that your heart is opening a little more?

Each gentle breath tops you up with the breath of love from the universe. Nature can’t hurt your feelings so it’s always safe to open your heart to nature. Can you sense that your heart is opening just a teeny tiny touch more? Turn your attention to the flowers around you noticing which ones attract your attention. Which flower calls to your heart?

I like to kneel, crouch or lie down so that flowers are level with my heart. Imagine or sense that the colour of this flower is soaking into your heart like paint on a sponge. You’re absorbing it deep into your heart and it’s just what you need. As this flower tops up your heart with more love, you have more love to radiate out back to the heart of the flower.

Breathe gently into this two-way exchange of absolute unconditional love without forcing anything, simply allowing it to happen in its own sweet way. Without trying to name the sensation or analyse it or in any way, just allow yourself to absorb this heart connection with a flower. Doesn’t it feel beautiful? Try the same process with another flower straight after so that you can compare the different feelings you tap into from different flowers.  Warning: You may feel compelled to kiss flowers after doing this or to tell them you love them… or maybe that’s just me!

Which flower resonates most with your heart today? This will be the perfect flower essence you need and you have already absorbed some of its healing energy into your heart. 

Receive more activities like this when you sign up to our beautiful Barefoot Breathing e-course. Click here to find out more.

Guest Post First published in the Essence of Wild newsletter May 2011.

© 2011 Jackie Stewart. Respectfully.


Remembering Plant Wisdom

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Can you imagine a time when we were so connected to the land that we instinctively knew which herbs to pick when we were ill? When we would sit beside a plant absorbing its energy unthinkingly when we needed to? When the knowledge of our inter-connectedness with nature was stored in every cell of our being?

We’ve turned our back on nature but if we keep turning we come full circle and are face-to-face with nature again. And those ancient memories stored in our DNA start to flow back into our consciousness. We won’t need to imagine, we’ll remember.

Over the past few hundred years we’ve been captivated by all the clever, glittery, shiny things that bring ease and wonder into our lives. I can’t imagine life without my Mac but we spend more time staring at screens than we do staring at flowers and it’s time to find a balance.

My computer enables me to do wonderful creative things and connect with wonderful creative people but sometimes I get so shackled to it that I don’t go outside enough. I’ll just check Twitter, I’ll just send a quick email (47 emails later….) I’ll just read that inspiring blog entry, I’ll just download that free e-book that I will never be able to live my dreams without… And so it goes on.


For all that I love being outside, I find it hard to give myself permission to spend time in nature in the same timeless unquestioning way I did as a child. I’m sure it’s the same for you. So my body’s taken things into its own hands by giving me the gift of painful RSI this year. Despite the new ergonomic chair, mouse and keyboard the pain burns into my right hand, arm and  shoulder.

I’ve worked with it holistically but it comes back if I spend too much time in front of the screen so I’m listening to my body more and tapping the keyboard less. I now have one day a week when I don’t press the On button on my computer at all and that feels like a huge relief for me and Mac. We both get to rest our inner drive! And there’s a voice that comes to me in quiet times to say ‘get outside’ so I’m listening to that and taking the opportunity to spend more slow time in nature instead.

What is your walking speed when you’re in nature? Is it more speed walker or snail? Have you noticed how the speed of your breath is linked to the speed of your walk? By slowing down your step you allow your breath to slow down too which begins to relax you.

As you slow down to the pace of Mother Earth, you start to notice the detail of the natural world around you and the natural world starts to notice you! I’ve been up close and personal with a fox, squirrel, birds and butterflies this week simply by slowing down to a different pace in nature.  By slowing down I had a beautiful connection with a seabird which I’ve written about on my blog.


When you slow down you will notice there are flowers that call you.  If you listen to their promptings you will be tapping into a long tradition of free, accessible and instant healing. After many years as a successful Harley Street physician and influential researcher, Edward Bach turned to flowers to find the future of healing.

He walked the fields and lanes of the South of England asking to be shown those flowers that would bring relief to the emotional states he saw in his patients and himself. He followed his instincts to make flower essences from these plants then he tested them rigorously. Now millions of people around the world use flower essences and anyone can tap into the subtle world of flower healing by connecting with flowers in their natural surroundings.

Every flower has a particular vibration made of its shape, colour, pattern, form and intrinsic essence so every flower has a different gift to share with you if you are open to receive it. But don’t listen to me, listen to the flowers and try it out for yourself by following these steps.

1. Go for a walk somewhere with flowers, either wild or cultivated. It could be your own garden, a park or some wild countryside.

2. Slow down to a snail’s pace and give yourself time to let distracting thoughts float away.  Be conscious that with each moment your foot touches the earth you are connecting to Mother Earth.

3. Be quiet and turn your attention inwards.  Think of it like meeting a new friend who could be shy of meeting you for the first time. Be quiet, gentle and open… without expectation.

4. Look all around and notice the flowers you can see, from tiny little flowers on the verge to tree blossoms above your head.

5. Which flower seems most attractive to you? It might be something unexpected and seemingly insignificant. It might be a flower that you never noticed before. I hadn’t noticed holly or cleaver flowers until last year.  Do some flowers bring your joy and laughter bubbling to the surface? Do some make you stop in your tracks in wonder?  Do some make you feel calmer as you admire them? Perhaps there will be one that you didn’t want to look at but when you did, it made you cry.

6. Notice your reactions to the different flowers around you and when you feel a strong connection, spend some time with that flower.

7. Close your eyes and carry its image into your mind’s eye as you journey together.

8. Open your eyes and let yourself be drawn into the centre of the flower losing yourself in its sweet colour and beauty.

Some days you’ll find this easier than others. Some days I’m too tense and distracted to feel any connection, but the more you quietly practice this the more you’ll become sensitive to what a flower has to tell you. That knowledge may come as words or inner knowing, you may get images of how a flower heals, you may even feel a reaction in different parts of your body.

Follow your intuition on this and be open to the possibility that the flowers you most love carry the vibration you most need. As you spend time in nature actively connecting with flowers in this way you’re absorbing healing at a subtle level. Animals do it all the time.  When I look into the heart of a flower I see my own heart reflected back to me. It will be the same for you.

“He who sees into the secret inner life of the plant, into the stirring of its powers, and observes how the flower gradually unfolds itself, sees the matter with quite different eyes – he knows what he sees” ~Goethe

Guest Post First published in the Essence of Wild newsletter July 2010.

© 2010 Jackie Stewart. Respectfully


What is Acidosis?

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Acidosis is an increased acidity (i.e. an increased hydrogen ion concentration). If not further qualified, it refers to acidity of the blood plasma. Generally, acidosis is said to occur when arterial pH falls below 7.35, while its counterpart (alkalosis) occurs at a pH over 7.45. Arterial blood gas analysis and other tests are required to separate the main causes. 

Symptoms of Acidosis

Due to fast paced daily lifestyles, eating on the run, people have to face a constantly growing endangerment: the over-acidification (Acidosis) of the body cells, which will interrupt cellular activities and functions. It is a major root of sickness and disease. Having our cells constantly exposed to an acidic environment leads to Acidosis!

Studies have shown that an acidic, anaerobic (which is also the lack of oxygen) body environment encourages the breeding of fungus, mold, bacteria, and viruses. As a result, our inner biological terrain shifts from a healthy oxygenated, alkaline environment to an unhealthy acidic one (acidic pH scale).

It is a lot of “hard work” for our body to neutralize and detoxify these acids before they can act as poisons in and around the cells, ultimately changing the environment of each cell.

When our body pH becomes more and more acidic it starts to set up defense mechanisms to keep the damaging acid from entering our vital organs. Unhealthy conditions which can be caused directly by Over-Acidification / Acidosis are:


Symptom Overweight

It is known that acid gets stored in fat cells. As a defense mechanism, your body may actually produce fat cells to protect you from your overly acidic condition. To protect itself from potentially serious damage, the body creates these fat cells to store the acids and carry them away from vital organs. Those fat cells and cellulite deposits may actually keep acid wastes at a safe distance from your vital organs. Many people have found that a return to a healthy alkaline inner biological terrain helps them losing excess fat.

Symptom Joint Pain and Arthritis

All substances left by the metabolizing process are acidic and toxic; therefore these have to be neutralized by alkalizing elements, e.g. calcium ions, sodium ions, and lithium ions, among which calcium is the most important. Calcium ions are positively charged ions which are constantly looking for acid, to form calcium carbonate in our body. Calcium carbonate is harmless and will be moved out of the body, providing our body fluid pH is alkaline. Otherwise, it is being deposited around body joints. If the calcium ion level is low in the blood and body, excess acid will remain in our body and will lead to numerous health problems, like Join Pain or Arthritis.

Symptom Osteoporosis

Many people think they can eliminate osteoporosis by increasing their consumption of milk and dairy products. But in fact the instances of osteoporosis are rare in countries where the consumption of dairy products is very low. So osteoporosis is an acidosis problem. As the body becomes more acidic, our body tries to remain healthy to protect us against heart attacks, illness, strokes or even cancer. In doing so, it takes calcium from the teeth, bones and tissues, making them weak and brittle.

Symptom Underweight

Yeast and fungus produced in an acidic environment can feed on our nutrients and thus reduce the absorption of everything we eat by as much as 50%. Without protein the body can’t produce enzymes, hormones or other chemical components necessary for cell energy and organ activity. This causes people to become very thin, which is not healthier than being overweight. As alkalizing and oxygenating takes place, the body naturally begins to seek its own ideal weight.

Symptom Low Energy and Chronic Fatigue

When having our cells constantly exposed to an overly acidic environment our biological terrain's oxygen level drops, leaving us tired and fatigued. This will allow parasites, fungus, bacteria, mold and viral infections to flourish and gain a hold throughout the body.

Symptom Heart attack

If our internal biological terrain is exposed to excessive acidity, bacteria and/or fungi and/or viruses can attach themselves to the inner walls of arteries. This can attract white blood cells, causing proteins and cells to clot. In this way a plaque forms in the artery, thus narrowing the artery and restricting the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the tissues supplied by that artery. Should that happen to the coronary artery, a heart attack can occur.

Symptom Allergies

The toxins produced within an acidic, oxygen deprived environment as well as the absorption of undigested proteins is major cause of allergy conditions. When the digestive system is weakened, a wide range of allergic reactions can occur, e.g. food allergies, and the overall susceptibility to allergens is increased.

Symptom Acne

There are many different forms of acne, and not few are linked to an unhealthy diet. Especially foods that are highly acidic tend to cause acne.

Symptom Frequent Colds, Bronchitis, Infections, Headaches

Only when our pH level is fairly balanced, the binding of oxygen to the hemoglobin protein of our red blood cells in the lungs operates. If the pH is too acidic, microbes in our respiratory systems can grow much more easily, and in that way cause bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis, and invade our cell system. This can result in cough, bronchial spasms (asthma), colds, infections and headaches.

What is the treatment for this disorder?

And Alkaline drops added to your diet

Alkazone Alkaline pH Booster 1.2 Oz. Alkaline Booster with Antioxidant now !

Drink your minerals! The easiest way to alkalize your diet! Feel the benefits for yourself. Alkaline water provides the minerals the body needs to buffer excess acidity from the metabolism of food. You will feel the difference.

Tea and coffee tastes better too!  AlkaZone Alkaline Booster supplies valuable minerals in the form of a colorless, odorless, and tasteless drop that can be added to water. By adding just 3-4 drops to a glass of water, you can increase the pH to about 8-10.

The minerals can buffer acidity from metabolism in the body. AlkaZone Alkaline Booster is made from organic potassium substances such as potassium bicarbonate, potassium lactate, potassium citrate and 79 trace minerals from marine deposits that have been amino acid (L-Carnitine) chelated for better absorption.

It has no sodium! The small 1.2 Oz bottle makes it ideal for travel.

More and more nutritional literature is counseling us about the benefits of alkaline balance. Some nutritionists have even come to the conclusion that one of the causes of bone loss may be lack of sufficient mineral buffering from food, which would cause the body to borrow calcium from the bones.

Getting plentiful minerals from the water you drink is one of the easiest ways to get those minerals into your system, and maintain healthy bones!

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100 tips to live an Extraordinary Life

Posted by Ladyhawk on February 4, 2011 at 1:21 PM Comments comments (1)



The Key to living an extraordinary life is to do the things that will move you closer to being more purposeful, powerful and authentic. So many people let their life pass them by feeling unfulfilled.

You have the power to Master and live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Make this year extraordinary by practicing the following tips daily.

1. Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Extraordinary.

2. Dream Bigger than You Think is Attainable.

3. Get Inspired.

4. Develop a Routine and Rituals.

5. Exercise Everyday.

6. Start Your Day With Visualization.

7. Laugh and Play.

8. Create Short and Long Term Goals.

9. Love People and Use Money (not the opposite).

10. Do Something that Scares You.

11. Get up @ 5am.

12. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude.

13. Drink Lots of Fresh and Clean Water.

14. Smile at Strangers.

15. Meditate.

16. Hug Somebody.

17. Ask Yourself Questions That Help You Grow.

18. See Challenges as Opportunities.

19. Get a Mentor.

20. Know What You Value.

21. Be Somebody Others Respect.

22. Model Somebody You Respect.

23. Forgive Somebody Who’s Hurt You.

24. Find Time Each Day to Be Alone In Silence.

25. Spend Time in Nature.

26. Accept that Everyone Just Wants to Be Loved.

27. Seek Adventure.

28. Read Books that Stretch Your Mind.

29. Be Enthusiastic.

30. Plan Your Days, Weeks and Months.

31. Create Extraordinary Experiences for Those You Love.

32. Cultivate the Kid in You.

33. Watch Less TV.

34. Talk About Big Ideas.

35. Love Yourself.

36. Pamper Yourself.

37. Take one Action Step Towards the Pursuit of Your Wildest Dreams.

38. Remind Yourself Anything is Possible.

39. See Your Goals and Dreams Becoming Fulfilled.

40. Love Somebody.

41. Breathe Deeply.

42. Always Do Your Best.

43. Believe In Miracles.

44. Work On Your Weaknesses.

45. Cultivate Your Strengths.

46. Be Impeccable.

47. Don’t Compare Your Life to Others.

48. Never Make Assumptions.

49. Under Promise and Over Deliver.

50. Be a Critical Thinker.

51. Get Outside Everyday.

52. Appreciate Art.

53. Invest in the Present Moment.

54. Always Tell the Truth.

55. Be Persistent and Patient.

56. Don’t Judge Others.

57. Be a Student of Life.

58. Accept that Life Never Gives You Anything You Can’t Handle.

59. Focus On Mastering One Area of Your Life Daily.

60. Join a Group or Community.

61. Accept that Inner Work Leads to Bigger Outer Results.

62. Hire a Coach.

63. Speak Less, Listen More.

64. Cultivate Your Creativity.

65. Thank The People In Your Life That Have Helped You.

66. Write In Your Journal.

67. Integrate Past Wounds into Present Wisdom.

68. Create a Compelling Future.

69. Donate Your Time, Energy or Money to Something Worthy.

70. Stop Worrying About Things You Cannot Control.

71. Eat More Foods that Grow on Trees and Plants and Less from Manufacturing Plants.

72. Don’t Take Yourself so Seriously.

73. Respect Everyone.

74. Spend Time With 5 Extraordinary Friends.

75. Never Let Your Mind Grow Old.

76. Whatever You Earn, Spend Less.

77. Take Risks.

78. Learn a New Skill or Activity.

79. Sweep Somebody Off Their Feet.

80. Get Enough Rest and Sleep.

81. No Matter How You Feel – Get Up, Get Dressed and Do Your Best.

82. Never Settle for Less.

83. Get Rid of Anything that Isn’t Useful, Joyful or Beautiful.

84. Be Polite.

85. Avoid the News.

86. Celebrate Life’s Victories.

87. Ask for Whatever You Want.

88. Give Yourself Time To Grow and Heal.

89. Be a Good Tipper.

90. Help Somebody Achieve Their Goals and Dreams.

91. Learn from Your Failures and Mistakes.

92. Be Somebody Worth Becoming and Make Your Life Matter.

93. Value Mastery and Excellence in Every Area of Your Life.

94. Live With Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.

95. Believe in Yourself.

96. Invest in Your Personal Growth and Development.

97. Show Somebody How Much You Love Them.

98. Enjoy The Journey of Life.

99. Remember, the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow.

100. Please Forward this to Everyone You Care About!

I would love to hear if you have any tips that you would add to my list or if you have a favorite. I encourage you to start implementing your favorite tips and then come back and let me know how things in your life are shifting.

And If you enjoyed this post, do me a favor leave a comment and also share it with your Twitter and Facebook friends by using the share buttons below!

To Your Mastery,

Dr. Sukhi


Daily Gratitude and Appreciation Checklist

Posted by Ladyhawk on February 1, 2011 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (1)

This checklist is based on the Law of Attraction and is to be used during times of worry and doubt to reconnect you with the Universal Source of Creation in order to transmute toxic negative energy. Remember you are the source of divine love. Fear and confusion are illusions that cannot live within you unless you allow them to.

This chart is roughly based on the checklist inside of the book Medicine For The Earth.

Use it daily when you are feeling worried, fearful, hopeless, sad, and angry to reconnect you to all that is. You may print it out and use it along with your dayplanner.

I appreciate the water around me and the rain for


I appreciate the air that I breathed for _________________________________________________

I appreciate the earth I inhabit for __________________________________________________

I appreciate the sun because


I appreciate the living beings, plants, rocks, animals, insects because


I appreciate the food I eat because ___________________________________________________

I appreciate my feet as they ___________________________________________________

I appreciate my legs as they


I appreciate my trunk as it


I appreciate my arms as they


I appreciate my hands as they


I appreciate my neck and shoulders as they


I appreciate my head as it


I appreciate my eyes as they


I appreciate my nose as it


I appreciate my mouth tongue teeth and throat because they


I appreciate my skin because it


I appreciate my hair because it


I appreciate my nails because


I appreciate my brain because it


I appreciate my heart because it


I appreciate my lungs because


I appreciate my liver because


I appreciatemy a stomach because


I appreciate my kidneys because


I appreciate my pancreas because


I appreciate my breasts because


I appreciate my female organs because


I appreciate my blood because


I appreciate my endocriane system because


I appreciate my nerves because


I appreciate my bones because


I appreciate my joints and cartlidge is because


I appreciate my spine because


I appreciate my cells because


I appreciate my DNA because


I appreciate my friends and community because


I appreciate my co-workers because


I appreciate my job because


I appreciate myself because


I appreciate my family because


I appreciate my creator because


I appreciate my car because


I appreciate my house because


I appreciate my bed because


I appreciate my animals because


I am in deep appreciation for my life because _____________________________________________________

 I appreciate my body because


I appreciate my self image because


I appreciate my health because


I appreciate my mother because


I appreciate my father because


I appreciate my grandmother because


I appreciate my grandfather because


I appreciate my aunt because


I appreciate my uncle because


My greatest family trait was


I appreciate my family because


I appreciate the moon because


I appreciate the stars because


I appreciate nature because


I appreciate my imagination because


I appreciate my Country because


I make a conscious effort to tap into my Spirituality daily because


I appreciate my religion because


I choose to focus on the gifts I have received from my ancestors because


I appreciate and let go of the flaws of my past because


I appreciate exercise because


I appreciate meditating because


I choose to harmonize myself with the earth because



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