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Happy Valentine's Day

Posted by Ladyhawk on February 12, 2013 at 8:20 PM

Hello once again Dear Students and Friends,

I hope this greeting finds you snuggly warm and eating lots of chocolate!


As you can tell we have ran out of space again on the site and in our yahoo group so I have downsized the stuff we no longer use in order to upload more fantastic stuff in the upcoming months! So stay tuned!....... Yipee!

New Moon Contemplation – Rebirth  


February is the month of love, growth, fresh starts, and rebirth. It is the month when the young goddess comes alive, and says her goodbyes to the old man of winter.


There is so much lovelyness taking place outside right now. The birds are singing, the deer are mating, even the opposums have a mission and a place to be now. none of their time has been wasted.



The element this month is Fire for the month of February.

Fire is one of the necessary basic elements that we need in our lives to create. Without fire our lives are boring, stale, lifeless. We have no sense of expression or desire. We flow through life like zombies. And if we have too much fire we tend to burn ourselves out, being out of control with our desires.


Shamanic cures:


Not enough Fire: Slow earth drum rthyms, pulsating beats, drumming journeys, tantric melodies, burning a red candle or incense, wearing red clothing, wearing a sexy empowering fragrance such as patchouli, frakencense, or dark musk.

Turn your music on and stomp your feet on the ground  in a two step rthym to connect to the energy. If you have never done this then watch a stomp dance at a pow wow site on youtube first then repeat the actions in your living room. You can also beat a healing drum.

Ask the fire energy for a healing. Close your eyes and feel if it has a message for you while you dance.

This dance should last at least five minutes or longer and when you are done you should feel the life force energy pulsating through your veins.

Repeat this twice a day until you feel your inner fire coming alive. Once in the morning and once after dinner should do it.

Thank the element for its help and then finish by coming back to center.


Too much fire or sexual passion?: Dampen it out! Use calming water and nature sounds. Watch ocean videos.

Listen to soft melodies that involve water such as rushing springs or ocean waves, drink room temperature water or when taking a bath, bathe in lukewarm (not hot) water.

Print out pictures of water or purchase water art prints. Wearing turquoise jewelry or a blue stone bracelet such as lapis lazuli or carry a blue crystal in your pocket to help tame firey dispositions.

While connecting to the water element you may close your eyes and ask it for a healing or a special message. What gifts can it give you now?

Once you are done thank the element for its help and then finish by coming back to center.

What other yummy news has Valentine's day got for us?


Lovely venus goes into Aquarius the 2nd of February for some fun filled days.

And she has her loving eyes on you all month!

Get out of those fuzzy pink jammies and do something with that hair! You don't want Mr. Right to see you like THAT do you?

Go out on a date!  Or find someone new!  Venus governs love affairs so Love may still be pulling on your heartstrings during this time. Your eyes may lock with that special someone. We'll see what that sneeky cupid is up to with his mischievious ways.


Don't close up to love emotionally or physically during this time. 

Just watch out for any misguided intentions concerning love. If you know the relationship isn't working for you don't try to take it to the next level because this could spell disaster.

It could also be time to release old relationships that no longer serve us or our highest good.

When uranus moves into the 6th house it could be time for you to declare those hidden feelings for someone because it is your time to shine. You are working it like a ROCK STAR all month long! Where are you getting all of that creative energy from anyway :)


Mercury goes into retrograde at the first of this month; which means using caution where money and ideas are concerned. Mercury rules over thieves so they could be out at any ATM or email scam.

Check and double check bank accounts, passwords, research all contracts closely before signing them. No risky ventures or investments during this time. Re-evaluate your resources and protect them now from thieves. I find my appliances go out of whack the most during retrograde times. Call it a coincedence if you want. Just don't buy anything new during this time without an extended warranty. You can thank me later on that one.  


This is the year for BIG MONEY,  but don't get taken in by any get rich quick schemes or con artists selling snake oil. Mercury rules the moving parts in machines and the chips in electronics. Judgment is often off too, so you may simply buy the wrong model at the wrong time and regret the purchase later.


Mercury will retrograde this time in Pisces and your solar second house of earned income, so you may find that checks owed to you are held up or missing.

This is tax season, so if you don't get your record of what you earned in the previous calendar year from your employer or client, it may have been sent to the wrong address in error. Have a look at your credit card statements to make sure there are no unauthorized charges or errors, too.


On the 9th-10th  will cause you to reflect as to whom are you giving your vital life force energy away to. It could be a person, place, or thing that is draining you and may cause you to put up walls just to shield yourself from their negativity..

Or it could even be an outdated mentality or belief that you are still holding on to. Even though it is time to let go.

Accept your self imposed limitations and make the changes that you need to make during this time. Upgrade your skills, take a class, or go back to school. Find your destiny this year.

It is a great time to team up with others or build your own tribe. Find others of a like mind that share your cause.


You will get a major green light from the universe on the 18th of Feb; which makes you feel empowered and bold. Don't get sidetracked by negative people during this time. Be clear and kind with what you say to others as they could be taken the wrong way.


February is the time to plant new seeds of creation so you can birth those newborn ideas during the whole summer.

It is also the time to realign with your vibrational goals and desires for the year ahead.


Wearing the feng shui colors of gold, pink, and red during this month and decorating your stale office space, gloomy den, or bedroom will really kick in those love and prosperity vibes for you in no time.  


You can place a crystal dish on your bedstand and place some little little ebay purchased crystals in it such as Amethyst, Tiger eye, Yellow jasper, Adventurine, Green Peridot, Green Ruby Zoisite, Citrine, Clear quartz, Rose quartz, Obsidian with some imitation gold nuggets, pearls, gold bars and gold feng shui coins, or a couple of gold bracelets, or earrings and some little prosperity charms from the dollar tree, some imitation red rose petals, and don't forget to upgrade your front porch dormats and bed coverings during this month with red and gold ones which are symbols of wealth and prosperity. Using these feng shui cures is another of the universe's way of  rolling out the red carpet for you, dear ones. I have taken this one step farther by feng shui-ing my cluttered up desk. All of the junk in the desk-trunk is now gone and it is filled with little sizzling red and gold items. And even a feng shui coin tree! You can look around at different sites like I did for more info.


In order to use this new moon to the max, spend a little time thinking about what you'd like to accomplish in this new  year ahead.

Choose at least one step to take just after the new moon arrives. It can be small, for at a new moon, you don't need to actually accomplish your goal, but the caveat is you must START. 

Create an inspiration journal or mind map of what you want to manifest for yourself for the upcoming year. It is never to late to start. The sooner you start your initiation after the new moon arrives, the better.

Think of a new moon as strong and helpful the moment it arrives, and with each passing day it becomes slightly weaker, until it completely fades by the time you get close to the full moon two weeks later.


Here is the point to remember: The actions you take during the new moon period this month will have the power to affect you positively for a year or more (possibly forever).

It will be twelve months until you get another new moon in Aquarius, so use this months' bright loving fire energy to your full advantage while you are given such a powerful advantage.


I am so excited to send you a Firey FREE Prosperity Attunement on this Full Moon with my loving heart filled bliss. February 25th, at 9PM EST. 

All you have to do is sit quietly alone in a meditative posture, align yourself, accept and call in the energy from me to you.   Just Leave me a comment with your full name and location to be added to the Firey FREE Prosperity  Attunement list!


All is well.

You are loved.


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