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Solar Flares

Posted by Ladyhawk on July 23, 2014 at 8:35 PM


As I notice the accumulation of more and  more solar flares being lit,
I find that myself and other light beings are being bombarded by the
mass technological soup of it.

Along with the new vital waves of living energy
and light I find myself being shaken from the effects of it all.
I am more prone to headaches. I find myself needing more earthing and
more rest. More shut-downing of electrical gadgetry and more meditation.

Spending less time trying to swim upstream and more time going with the flow.

Spirit has contacted me in so many life giving ways lately. I am blessed.

Messages that seep into my subconscious and allow me to bring them forth out
into the light for further processing. I began doing some deep rooted healing where
my ex was concerned. It dug up some pretty ugly stuff that had been hidden away
for years. It's funny the excuses that we give ourselves for reasons why we cannot heal.

Now with the solar flares shining the light onto Earth

I feel like KABOOM it is all being cast into the light for me to heal. I feel like I am on the right path.

I find myself often times in a higher state of being. I am more connected to the Earth
and the Moon now than ever before.

I have found a beautiful group of women that partake in
womb healing and womb blessings.

This is such a necessary part of a woman's cycle so I
am happy to joyfully partake of it and to celebrate it. As a result I am teaching my daughter
who just started her menses for the first time on how to listen to her own womb speak when it tells her to disconnect from technology and just rest as a part of her normal monthly cycle.

Energetically and in her heart space she knows the right things for her to do to find solace and comfort during that time.

She is letting go of her moody temper flares that were from ADHD thinking and is growing into a beautiful young woman that can in turn become a good healer of others if that is the road she so desires. She is less into bumping heads with me now and more into thinking before she acts.

As I watch her growing I see her transforming into her own identity as a woman. And as much as I want to cling to her and never let her stop being my little girl I know that one day soon she will find her own wings and will be ready and able to fly. We all start out with baby steps.

As many of you know I have taught Reiki freely through my yahoo group for over ten years now.

Well, as time and other responsibilities have come along in my life I have notified everyone
that the group has now closed and all the future entries will be through the website or this blog only.

I am more active in Animal Rescue, Wildlife Rescue, Farming/Homesteading, Conscious Parenting a feral wild one, and other nesting responsibilities that take up a greater part of my time. I love working with the plant, animal, and human kingdoms as my divine companions along this fantastic journey.

Have you noticed that more animals are trying to make their presence known to us now and speak to us in subtle ways. Animals love giving us messages of truth if we are open to hearing them.

Here in the summer time I have a few butterflies that love to make their presence known to me by landing on my shoulders then all spreading around my neck like a fluttering necklace..
I am from the Butterfly clan so I am thrilled that they are sharing themselves and their energy with me in this special way. They form in a silky cocoon in my favorite tree in the yard and year after year when it turns warmer they eat from the tree leaves and then after a few days of hiding again they take flight.

While I have been away from the blogging I have been more active in going to Mass on Wednesday and Sunday because I have felt closer to God in the past couple of years and I want a closer relationship with him since there are less God loving souls now more than ever in the world. I am feeling the divine spark of life and God is here with me always. Spirit is amazing because it is everywhere all at once.

This is a year for growth. Many healers are transforming and changing/growing right now. Changing their HISstory and HERstory for their highest good.

For 2014 my word of the year is Strength. As I am learning to find my own source of Strength.

There is so much new energy here on Earth now that is available to us during this time. It is definitely a time for old energies and thought patterns to be leaving and replaced by higher vibrations.
I personally have never liked being trapped in darker energies or thought patterns. Especially those given to us by other that would wish us ill will.

This year I have taken a good hard look at myself, cleaned and cleared my energies that were hampering my spiritual growth and I have learned a lot from losing a long time life partner several years ago.

I no longer question things like "Why didn't he eat better and make better health choices?????" instead I understand that it was his choice to make and he chose to eat bad foods, dip skoal, and live the party lifestyle while I chose to drink green smoothies, hang out with yogis, and meditate. I have stopped questioning the rights and wrongs of it all.

Even though sometimes others aren't as hard on me as I am on myself.  It is a process of learning as I go and healing as I go. It is a necessary part of how we evolve as human beings.

And that is enough for me.

You are loved.
All is well.

Aho Mitakuye' Oyasin,

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