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Using Reiki for self-empowerment every day

Posted by Ladyhawk on July 24, 2014 at 2:25 PM

When I first learned Reiki I was in the habit of using it every day. After a few years I began to use it only when I or loved ones around me needed it. Like meditating it is something that can easily get pushed aside for something else and after a few months of not using it I went back to using it every morning as a way to vibrationally cleanse my sacred space.

Reiki has a way of bringing more Love and Compassion into our lives. And using it while setting the Intention of having a Twin Flame Consciousness, it can awaken even the stalest of relationship thought patterns from deep within us. 

Instead of feeling down and having thoughts of “I'm too big” or “I'm too old, nobody will ever love me.” We can Intend to send Reiki to achieve the twin flame mindset within us and by doing this it opens our heart up for more loving connections to come in. 

It all starts with “I Love Myself.” When we wake up every day we should say this mantra. 

Some Ideas: 
You can Reiki yourself from head to toe before work. You can draw the Reiki symbols on your bathroom mirror to help remind you to always look at yourself lovingly. You can draw the symbols on your car to remind you to be kinder to others in traffic jams. You can draw the symbols on your goals sheet or wishing jar to bring more attention to what you want and less energy spent on what you don't want.

To draw in a partner they say before being loved by anyone else, we must learn to love and nurture our own beautiful self. Do you like your own company? Are you being kind to yourself when you self speak? You are an energetic being and you can spend more time each day loving yourself and giving positive energy to your self..

In order to use Reiki to make your dreams come true you have to know your own definition of what you really want for your life, as well as understanding your deepest fears, your biggest happiness, and your hidden passions. As well as who you seek in a loving twin flame partner. If you make a mistake in choosing the wrong partner, forgive yourself lovingly. You can send Reiki to the situation and move on. Life is too short not to! You can write down what you seek in a partner and send Reiki to the note or you can even create a Reiki visionboard to energize all of your goals for the whole year.

In order to lose yourself in your own dreams and happiness through Reiki you will need to learn how to channel the Reiki energy. And Reiki energy is connected with your hands. Using it you will be able to channel the energy to where it needs to go.

Your hands are more than simple body parts, they are part of your being, and they are something so intimate that you may need to pay attention to details of using them to use them consciously.

I believe without a doubt that they are the first and the biggest erogenous zone in the body.
Even as children we use them as sensory items and when we meet our first crush we hold hands with our loved one non-stop. We go everywhere together hand in hand. We can caress with them, expressing our affection, we can explore with them, being able to create deep and loving connections, and we can also slap with them, expressing our anger, and when we get nervous our palms sweat.

We work with our hands using them every day, and at the same time we love with them, and we feel everything with a single touch. We can express our passions with them through touch and through artistic designs, and without even knowing it we can sometimes also express our fears as well, such as with nail biting.

How do I learn Reiki?
You can go to a Reiki practitioner in your area in order to get a treatment with Reiki energy, but if you learn Reiki you will be able to be your own healer.

Even if no one can scientifically explain Reiki energy, it can be felt, and with faith it can be successfully practiced. What is sure about this energy is that it doesn’t require meditation, nor deeper concentration. If you want to achieve self-empowerment you will need a teacher, patience, and a practice. Besides this you will also need the confidence that you will succeed. Reiki represents the universal energy and it works with it, and therefore it is even greater than the individual using it.

Reiki is not a religion. So a Christian can use it the same way that a Muslim or a Buddhist can. There is no strict dogma regarding reiki practice and because of this there is now hundreds of different styles of Reiki to choose from. However it is a deeply spiritual and relaxing experience and you can make it as intense or as moderate as you want to. It just depends on your own individual preference..

We all have the option to practice Reiki, and yet, not all of us are prepared to do it.
This happens because we need to be deeply connected with our deeper self, accepting our best self. We are energy based human beings, we are unique, and we need to accept ourselves. And seeing ourselves as natural born healers. Yes, it really is so easy and fun that anyone can do it!

You can use this energy every single day and you will see the improvements. Your life will change and you will find yourself meeting many new people. Some are open and receptive to Reiki while others are not. So we would never force our ideas onto people that don't support our own views because there are so many people out there that do share our same dreams and desires.

Reiki can and will improve your entire existence and your whole being, and you will be able to connect with yourself in a way you couldn’t at times before. You will become more sensitive to the energy of others around you as well and you will be able to feel things and energy on a deeper level.

The power of healing yourself is right in your hands, you just need to release it.

This is the main way in which you can achieve self-empowerment and use it every day. 

You are loved.
All is well.

Aho Mitakuye' Oyasin, 

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