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Bringing in the Light

Posted by Ladyhawk on November 21, 2014 at 9:20 AM

Like clockwork the deer return here year after year in the Winter time. For them it is a place of sanctuary.A place of nurturing the little ones all mamas come to love and cuddle during the cold months. This place is as wild as it gets. Which is why I love it so much here.


When I am on a retreat I like to bring a few things that remind me of this place. Like photos, flower buds, acorns, water from the creek, a few tiny branches or twigs that fit discreetly into a small jar with a couple of pebbles from the creek, some sand from the shoreline, and a satin cord tied around it in a pretty bow.

I like to hold this space open whenever I travel. This is a place of great potentiality. This is a place of healing for every one and every thing that comes here so I honor it by taking a small part of it with me whenever I leave. The whole family of animals return again only each year there may be one or two missing; either seeking refuge elsewhere or lost through old age or through being hunted, as well as occasionally bringing some new wild ones here to share in the winter with us.


Winter here in the Tennessee Mountains is just beginning and yet there are already newly formed buds on the bare fruit trees, signaling that Spring is just around the corner- with only a few more months of cold weather to go.


Like them, we become more exposed in the cooler months. More fragile and more open to the elements. We embrace the darkness by sealing off the light from outside. We no longer want to go outside and instead we curl up inside with cocoa, tea, and chai while the animals of the forest come out to hunt and gather.


In the last few years I have started going outside to play with my daughter in the snow, build a snowman/woman/family, to go sledding and snow boarding down the local slopes instead of staying cooped up inside. Being out in nature is good for the soul. Yes, even in Winter.


Mama deer have been birthing their babies on this land for generations.

They never run away or shirk their duties because it’s cold outside and the babies know to stay well hidden in the pine underbrush.


When we first came to look this place over I instantly fell in love with it. The land up front, all that you see is open and spacious. Neighbor waves to neighbor while going only a little ways in the back and you are transformed into a virtual wonderland.


Moist earth, sacred fragrances blowing in the wind, large moss covered rock formations, hidden springs flowing down to the creek, jackrabbits hopping, holes in the ground where all sorts of creatures live, mama lynx chases away the six foot snakes.


We moved here straight out of the hood; where life can be constrictive, noisy, invasive, and temperamental. New thinking or ideas are thrown out with the bathwater. If they are even let in at all. But here things change along with the seasons. Nothing is cramped and restrictive. The sun and the moon rise and energize and refresh our sacred connection to the earth creating a map or blueprint for the things we desire most.


There is nothing fake or unnatural about this place and there’s a certain ebb and flow to things.

Creativity comes easily in a place like this as the cycles of nature coincide with the circle of life.


The sacred plant relations grow abundantly, occasionally calling me in “be well” they whisper on the wind as I walk by. Each of them has their own imprint on me and their own psychic vibration. When I am in communication with the plants bees will land on me unable to tell me from the plant because for a brief time we are one. Butterflies are the same way and I love their softness when they tickle my face or my neck with their kisses. Each element here nourishes my soul in a different and unique way and each of them have a special message to share with me.


Perhaps Hawk tells me to pay close attention to details or squirrel let’s me know it’s time to start saving for the cold months. Or the fire-fly reminds me of my first girlhood kiss from the handsome but older boy across the street. All of these things touch me in some special way. It can be a hint at needing more rest or for making more time for family. Or just unplugging from technology.


There are so many stories here. Like a book where every day opens up to a new page. One lady shared a story of people coming here from miles away to be baptized in the creek and they gave themselves and their hearts to God here. So much energy and ripeness. There is something sacred in this place of mama Gaia and kindred spirits come here to merge with other kindreds.


Thoughts are formed, they take on a birthing of their own, other things are let go of, things of life give way to other things so the circle of life here can keep on keeping on. Life and death. Some things take more than one hundred years to die while other things die a little every day only to be reborn on the next Spring moon. We are all that wildness.


Why do we dread the cold so much? We take this cold all the way down into our bones. No wonder we develop the flu and other maladies during winter. Stop taking the cold in and embrace the light. Winter is for shedding things that no longer serve us and strip our self bare as a snake sheds its skin every year. There is something dark and unyielding about old man winter. He forces us to change old patterns and beliefs. Shakes us up and makes us cry to stay inside all winter. Jabs at us and pokes us with his icy grip.


But we have to get out and live in the light. This transition is necessary and part of us in order for us to grow like fertile fields of grain. Go out into the light and breath in the rays of the sun. Feel its warmth deep in your cells. Even on a cold day…. And everything you do, do it as a prayer. The darkness may still be there tomorrow but for today live in the light. Don’t play small or be unseen just to feel “safe” within. Because sometimes winter is loud. Like the crunching of leaves beneath your feet, or the call of a goose, or the song of a blue jay. Find whatever medicine you need to fill the darkness with light. Nourishing bone soups, herbal teas and plant medicine, crystal or stone medicine.


What do you do in winter to embrace the light? Do you use candles, fire, and ceremony? Warm snugly blankets and cute winter coats?Where do you find solace? Inside by the fire or outside on the ski slopes? What do you need more of during the darkness?


For me….I let my nettle grow all spring and summer then harvest and dry them during the autumn and drink in their nourishment all winter while listening to Padma Aon Prakasha’s albums.


I feel this energy soothing and calming my cold brittle bones with their minerals. Focusing a lot of my energy now on womb healing. I have put aside that sensual side of myself being alone here.


That lost little girl innocent part of me that still cries out for motherhood and for a big family. That part of me that carried a child while too young, was forced to have an abortion, then birthed a child successfully, then lost twins.


White noise. Shock. Pain. Loss. Death has a way of waking us up like life never could.


That part of me still heals. Release from my own bondage. A little more each day.


I no longer see myself as an empty vassal and I am changing my story as I go.


Be well dear friends.

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