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They live inside us all

Posted by Ladyhawk on November 29, 2014 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Today is Thanksgiving here in the USA.


A day of feeling closeness to family and kin like no other day except on Christmas. It is a day of great love and plenty to be thankful for.


I love cooking. I usually start the night before Thanksgiving and start cooking the turkey at midnight that way it is almost done by noon on turkey day instead of near dinner time. It is also a day for somber remembering of the ones that have passed on and can't be with us except in Spirit. Lighting a candle in remembrance of those dear to our hearts as a way of affirming to them "I won't ever forget you and what you meant to me and to this world." and pondering on "Did I show you enough love, kindness, and grace when you were here?" while getting messages from the spirit world with gifts of gratitude such as found shells, feathers, bones and other gifts of sweetness.


I remember the last Thanksgiving I had with my Grandmother. It was in 1992 and mom was dating a wonderful man so I decided to help them with the dinner. I went to his home with them and they didn't have to do anything except sit and have fun talking with one another. I did all the cooking and bought them a VCR so they could watch movies while I cooked for them. As we all sat around the table I looked at my Grandma and knew ~it was one of those inner feelings~ you never forget ~sombre and melancholy~ because you know this is it. This is the final Thanksgiving with her.


She was almost ninety and as she said the prayer for the blessing of the meal we bowed our heads and I saw our lives together flash before my eyes. I wanted to cry but it was a joyous occasion so I held myself in check as best I could. With silent pondering and yearnings of "I don't want you to go. I will miss you too much." I think she may have heard my heart breaking so she pulled me close to her after dinner and said "I may not be here next year with you but I will always be near you." and she gave me a big hug. The kind that only grandma's can give. You know the ones where they smother you in their arms and with their tabu perfume and there for a brief second you can't breath.But in a good way. The kind of way that nobody in your life will ever be able to duplicate.


My Mom and my Grandma were my biggest cheerleaders growing up. When others I loved doubted me and where I wanted to go with my life they were right there holding out with me for the long haul.. After two abusive relationships went south they were still my only cheerleaders. Mom was a folk singer that gave up her dream to have me and raise me and Grandma raised seven kids of her own not including helping mom with me. They were f-ing rock stars to me and I worried about what my inner life would be like without them in it. Am I carrying on their legacy in a way that would make them proud? They were both singers and I can't sing worth a fig. They loved being on stage and on camera and I get stage fright. They were great poets and lovers and I am still trying to find my own way. They say writer's carry a deep loneliness and longing within them and for me I was hoping this wouldn't happen but it did!


In January 2015 Mom turns 87. She's quickly approaching that year of age that Grandma died. Grandma's seat empy now and her soft voice at the table now hushed by her absence and by time but her presence can still be felt here in this space. In the little jewelry box in my heart that holds all secret and special things dear to it. How tragic my daughter never got to know her the way I did.


Mom had a stroke and a heart attack and wasn't doing well before she came to stay with me but since being on green smoothies, lemon water, and apple sauce for snacks instead of junk foods and junk beverages she seems to be doing pretty damned good for her age.


I am transitioning into my own goddess to crone years; going from wild woman to parent and caregiver, back to wild woman again with a lot of excitement and hair pulling in between. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.


The full moon is fast approaching and it lights up the darkness and peeks through my bedroom window at night like a lover.


I change my curtains in the winter to let more light in my cold dark room. In the summer it tends to get too hot so I bring out the heavy dark curtains and in winter it is too dark so I switch back to the light soft veiled white or ivory ones that let the light in.


The grass is tall and perfect in the morning and evening light for photo taking. It brings with it a heavy grounding in this place. The kind that makes you want to run your fingers through the golden bars of wheat as you walk. Jump on a pile of crunchy leaves. Wear plaid with boots and a scarf all day~every day. And linger a little bit longer over thought provoking tribal blogs while sipping a little at a time on that half finished hot cocoa.


This year I trashed my old blog. It held too many stories. It was a top ten blog that prompted a book but it reminded me too much of the past. That blog and those stories changed my life. I poured my heart and soul into it. I cried tears of happiness, tears of joy, and tears of loss, and tears of defeat into it. It held the love of three men in it from a young girl's point of view and it was time to move on. I discovered that the best soul-mate in the world for me was myself. Nobody could nurture me or love me or spoil me as much as I can.


My word for 2015 is FORWARD because this year it is time to get myself back into the ebb and flow of life. I am a little afraid but I can't let fear hold me back.



I am thankful for being a sexpot in my young years

I am thankful for beautiful women that keep me accountable

I am thankful that mom is still here with me

I am thankful for a beautiful wild child of my own

I am thankful for seeing, feeling and embracing the light

I am thankful for patchouli, frankincense, and myrrh body oil

I am thankful to have amazing friends and mentors to learn from

I am thankful for salt lamps, crystals, stones, and feathers

I am thankful for relations that have come before us here

I am thankful for this space and holding it with gratitude

I am thankful for long hair, pretty boobs, and nice legs.

I am thankful after 30+ years of raising and importing Police K9's that I found and rescued the perfect dogs that weren't German Shepherds

I am thankful for long baths, warm tea, sexy morning hair and close shaved legs

I am thankful for lazy Saturday mornings and folk music, cleaning the house, cleaning out the closets, and having a clean sink

I am thankful for hiking in my own back yard

I am thankful for healers that are changing the world through their energy

I am thankful for seeing little glimpses of the type of man I would like to share my life with one day

I am thankful for standing up for myself when I was too afraid to have a voice

I am thankful for leaving that place before I turned to drugs or anything else that was bad for my body

I am thankful for being a hunter and gatherer

I am thankful for learning to heal myself and others

I am thankful for making nature art, mandalas, and cute whimsical toys for my daughter

I am thankful for god giving me a chance to raise my daughter without the need for wine or other numbing substances and for her to make the choice of saving herself for marriage. No matter whether it be to a man or to a woman. If that's what she decides.

I am thankful to have the heart of a lamb with the power of a lioness if need be


What are you thankful for?


Be well dear ones.

Aho Mitakuye' Oyasin


Bringing in the Light

Posted by Ladyhawk on November 21, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Like clockwork the deer return here year after year in the Winter time. For them it is a place of sanctuary.A place of nurturing the little ones all mamas come to love and cuddle during the cold months. This place is as wild as it gets. Which is why I love it so much here.


When I am on a retreat I like to bring a few things that remind me of this place. Like photos, flower buds, acorns, water from the creek, a few tiny branches or twigs that fit discreetly into a small jar with a couple of pebbles from the creek, some sand from the shoreline, and a satin cord tied around it in a pretty bow.

I like to hold this space open whenever I travel. This is a place of great potentiality. This is a place of healing for every one and every thing that comes here so I honor it by taking a small part of it with me whenever I leave. The whole family of animals return again only each year there may be one or two missing; either seeking refuge elsewhere or lost through old age or through being hunted, as well as occasionally bringing some new wild ones here to share in the winter with us.


Winter here in the Tennessee Mountains is just beginning and yet there are already newly formed buds on the bare fruit trees, signaling that Spring is just around the corner- with only a few more months of cold weather to go.


Like them, we become more exposed in the cooler months. More fragile and more open to the elements. We embrace the darkness by sealing off the light from outside. We no longer want to go outside and instead we curl up inside with cocoa, tea, and chai while the animals of the forest come out to hunt and gather.


In the last few years I have started going outside to play with my daughter in the snow, build a snowman/woman/family, to go sledding and snow boarding down the local slopes instead of staying cooped up inside. Being out in nature is good for the soul. Yes, even in Winter.


Mama deer have been birthing their babies on this land for generations.

They never run away or shirk their duties because it’s cold outside and the babies know to stay well hidden in the pine underbrush.


When we first came to look this place over I instantly fell in love with it. The land up front, all that you see is open and spacious. Neighbor waves to neighbor while going only a little ways in the back and you are transformed into a virtual wonderland.


Moist earth, sacred fragrances blowing in the wind, large moss covered rock formations, hidden springs flowing down to the creek, jackrabbits hopping, holes in the ground where all sorts of creatures live, mama lynx chases away the six foot snakes.


We moved here straight out of the hood; where life can be constrictive, noisy, invasive, and temperamental. New thinking or ideas are thrown out with the bathwater. If they are even let in at all. But here things change along with the seasons. Nothing is cramped and restrictive. The sun and the moon rise and energize and refresh our sacred connection to the earth creating a map or blueprint for the things we desire most.


There is nothing fake or unnatural about this place and there’s a certain ebb and flow to things.

Creativity comes easily in a place like this as the cycles of nature coincide with the circle of life.


The sacred plant relations grow abundantly, occasionally calling me in “be well” they whisper on the wind as I walk by. Each of them has their own imprint on me and their own psychic vibration. When I am in communication with the plants bees will land on me unable to tell me from the plant because for a brief time we are one. Butterflies are the same way and I love their softness when they tickle my face or my neck with their kisses. Each element here nourishes my soul in a different and unique way and each of them have a special message to share with me.


Perhaps Hawk tells me to pay close attention to details or squirrel let’s me know it’s time to start saving for the cold months. Or the fire-fly reminds me of my first girlhood kiss from the handsome but older boy across the street. All of these things touch me in some special way. It can be a hint at needing more rest or for making more time for family. Or just unplugging from technology.


There are so many stories here. Like a book where every day opens up to a new page. One lady shared a story of people coming here from miles away to be baptized in the creek and they gave themselves and their hearts to God here. So much energy and ripeness. There is something sacred in this place of mama Gaia and kindred spirits come here to merge with other kindreds.


Thoughts are formed, they take on a birthing of their own, other things are let go of, things of life give way to other things so the circle of life here can keep on keeping on. Life and death. Some things take more than one hundred years to die while other things die a little every day only to be reborn on the next Spring moon. We are all that wildness.


Why do we dread the cold so much? We take this cold all the way down into our bones. No wonder we develop the flu and other maladies during winter. Stop taking the cold in and embrace the light. Winter is for shedding things that no longer serve us and strip our self bare as a snake sheds its skin every year. There is something dark and unyielding about old man winter. He forces us to change old patterns and beliefs. Shakes us up and makes us cry to stay inside all winter. Jabs at us and pokes us with his icy grip.


But we have to get out and live in the light. This transition is necessary and part of us in order for us to grow like fertile fields of grain. Go out into the light and breath in the rays of the sun. Feel its warmth deep in your cells. Even on a cold day…. And everything you do, do it as a prayer. The darkness may still be there tomorrow but for today live in the light. Don’t play small or be unseen just to feel “safe” within. Because sometimes winter is loud. Like the crunching of leaves beneath your feet, or the call of a goose, or the song of a blue jay. Find whatever medicine you need to fill the darkness with light. Nourishing bone soups, herbal teas and plant medicine, crystal or stone medicine.


What do you do in winter to embrace the light? Do you use candles, fire, and ceremony? Warm snugly blankets and cute winter coats?Where do you find solace? Inside by the fire or outside on the ski slopes? What do you need more of during the darkness?


For me….I let my nettle grow all spring and summer then harvest and dry them during the autumn and drink in their nourishment all winter while listening to Padma Aon Prakasha’s albums.


I feel this energy soothing and calming my cold brittle bones with their minerals. Focusing a lot of my energy now on womb healing. I have put aside that sensual side of myself being alone here.


That lost little girl innocent part of me that still cries out for motherhood and for a big family. That part of me that carried a child while too young, was forced to have an abortion, then birthed a child successfully, then lost twins.


White noise. Shock. Pain. Loss. Death has a way of waking us up like life never could.


That part of me still heals. Release from my own bondage. A little more each day.


I no longer see myself as an empty vassal and I am changing my story as I go.


Be well dear friends.

The Earth is changing

Posted by Ladyhawk on September 29, 2014 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We have forgotten who we are in connection with Mother Earth.

We are the soul of our Mother and Father.


Consciousness of the old paradigm is ending.


Earth is going through a major shift vibrationally.


This vibration is echoing out into the universe as conflict, war, cyber threats, judgement, materialism, poverty-ism, and violence against humanity and animals.


We are living our lives in a constant hyper alert status feeling defensive and waiting on the next big thing to happen so we can react.


More solar flares than before are creating wonky technology.


Appliances are breaking, half working, and often need replaced even after very little use.


People are getting less sleep at night, less rest during the day, less relaxation when at home, and are now living in a fast paced New York City way of life where time never stands still.


Our children are developing more brain issues, more health maladies such as eating disorders, arthritis, gout, tumors, reproductive issues, and more learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Down's syndrome.


When the world chooses to show us its ugliness tempting us to engage and crazy makers are running around willy nilly tempting us to respond to their triads. To act out right along with them. We are in a time when we are all feeling defensive, vengeful, hateful, and downright snarky.


There are millions of revolving emotions going on around the world right now. I myself have jumped head first into the emotion pool once or twice already before quickly pulling myself back out by my shirttails and saying "whoaaa there girl... get a grip on yourself." We are all learning about personal space and boundaries.


Remember that just as many people as you are also voicing their opinions right now and long hours at work and sweltering heat can make people act crazy. The Walmart girl that you might snicker at for being so slow has to walk 24 miles a day at work for only $7.25. The person at McDonald's that accidentally forgot your straw may have been there since 4AM and only makes $7.15. When we experience a lot of mixed energy all at once it can feel overwhelming. Everyone is going through this learning process at the same pace and none of us are enlightened yet.


Seeing everyone as an equal to yourself and take no-one as an emotional hostage during your day. Allow others to voice their thoughts and don't take it personal. It's not meant to insult you. Everyone is learning to speak their truth at the same time. My truth may not be the same as your truth. But know that you're not alone. We are all going through this together at the same time.


In my own relationship my guy is teetering somewhere between a Circus Monkey and Charles Mansion. I find myself bouncing from a place of retreat and verbal time out to a place of self preservation and back to a place of love frequently. We are running the gambit of emotions and are learning to find that quiet place within us in order to make each of us happier in the long run. It's okay to not have all of the answers. Things will get better.


Take time to clean and clear your inner shadow that needs to be healed by recognizing your triggers and what evokes them from others. Every instance is a choice for us to do something magical. To bring something beautiful back in to the world. We don't have to engage. We can choose to be observers and co-creators of love and peace instead.


Look for the beauty and strength in every person you encounter. Start up a conversation. Listen to their story. Choose to make a conscious connection with them and choose not to hate because hate only creates more hate. It is much easier to hate than to love. Love requires patience and understanding.


When anger, sadness, conflict, strife appear recognize your part in these feelings. See them for what they are~ a springboard for change~ but don't allow yourself to ever wallow in them for very long periods of time.


On days off go for a walk in nature. Or stir things up a bit by going on an exhilarating hike up a mountain. Find a spring. Listen to the water flowing by. Look at your reflection in the water. Make funny faces in the ripples. Notice the animals that share this world with you. Take their pictures. Come home and make the photos, sketches, or drawings you made into art. Surround yourself in it. Share it with others.


Make zen art stacks or Madella art with rocks and sticks. Make something beautiful and creative in this way every week. Sit out in the sun as it is rising or setting. Don't let the distraction of technology make you react.


Leave the clocks, watches, and technology at home. Let this conscious connection to the earth and to nature permeate all the way down to your cells and your bones. Intend that this place be your sacred healing place and come here often. Leave with the intention of I AM HEALED and accept it as your universal truth. Leave this place with a crystal, corn meal, a coin, or some bird seed as an offering to heal the place, and make it a little better than it was before you arrived.


Live every single day of your life with intention. Some of the most beautiful people in this world aren't supermodels but average people like you and I that share their intention, radiance, love, and knowledge with the world. Seek these people out. Learn from them. Imitate their life qualities. They don't watch the daily news, focus on world events, or read gossip magazines for a reason. These are all lower energy distractions.

Instead focus your energy on your own super fabulous tribe. This can be family, or your circle of friends.Let go of the small stuff because it really is just small stuff.


Forgive those that have hurt or wounded you in some way. It frees you from living in a prison of hate and anger. Sure, they may deserve some kind of punishment or karma crunchies for their crimes but it doesn't need to come from you. Release it and be free.


Love and nurture yourself just as a lover would. Don't wait on the perfect person to come along for this! Buy yourself some fragrant roses, exotic perfume, or chocolates!


Remember sometimes transformation is an ugly process. Have you ever seen a caterpillar in transformation?

What we are seeing now in the world is from years of stagnant energy being unleashed all at once. So there's going to be some crazy shit along with the shedding of old beliefs and outdated paradigms.


Stay safe and grounded out there :)

Using Reiki for self-empowerment every day

Posted by Ladyhawk on July 24, 2014 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

When I first learned Reiki I was in the habit of using it every day. After a few years I began to use it only when I or loved ones around me needed it. Like meditating it is something that can easily get pushed aside for something else and after a few months of not using it I went back to using it every morning as a way to vibrationally cleanse my sacred space.

Reiki has a way of bringing more Love and Compassion into our lives. And using it while setting the Intention of having a Twin Flame Consciousness, it can awaken even the stalest of relationship thought patterns from deep within us. 

Instead of feeling down and having thoughts of “I'm too big” or “I'm too old, nobody will ever love me.” We can Intend to send Reiki to achieve the twin flame mindset within us and by doing this it opens our heart up for more loving connections to come in. 

It all starts with “I Love Myself.” When we wake up every day we should say this mantra. 

Some Ideas: 
You can Reiki yourself from head to toe before work. You can draw the Reiki symbols on your bathroom mirror to help remind you to always look at yourself lovingly. You can draw the symbols on your car to remind you to be kinder to others in traffic jams. You can draw the symbols on your goals sheet or wishing jar to bring more attention to what you want and less energy spent on what you don't want.

To draw in a partner they say before being loved by anyone else, we must learn to love and nurture our own beautiful self. Do you like your own company? Are you being kind to yourself when you self speak? You are an energetic being and you can spend more time each day loving yourself and giving positive energy to your self..

In order to use Reiki to make your dreams come true you have to know your own definition of what you really want for your life, as well as understanding your deepest fears, your biggest happiness, and your hidden passions. As well as who you seek in a loving twin flame partner. If you make a mistake in choosing the wrong partner, forgive yourself lovingly. You can send Reiki to the situation and move on. Life is too short not to! You can write down what you seek in a partner and send Reiki to the note or you can even create a Reiki visionboard to energize all of your goals for the whole year.

In order to lose yourself in your own dreams and happiness through Reiki you will need to learn how to channel the Reiki energy. And Reiki energy is connected with your hands. Using it you will be able to channel the energy to where it needs to go.

Your hands are more than simple body parts, they are part of your being, and they are something so intimate that you may need to pay attention to details of using them to use them consciously.

I believe without a doubt that they are the first and the biggest erogenous zone in the body.
Even as children we use them as sensory items and when we meet our first crush we hold hands with our loved one non-stop. We go everywhere together hand in hand. We can caress with them, expressing our affection, we can explore with them, being able to create deep and loving connections, and we can also slap with them, expressing our anger, and when we get nervous our palms sweat.

We work with our hands using them every day, and at the same time we love with them, and we feel everything with a single touch. We can express our passions with them through touch and through artistic designs, and without even knowing it we can sometimes also express our fears as well, such as with nail biting.

How do I learn Reiki?
You can go to a Reiki practitioner in your area in order to get a treatment with Reiki energy, but if you learn Reiki you will be able to be your own healer.

Even if no one can scientifically explain Reiki energy, it can be felt, and with faith it can be successfully practiced. What is sure about this energy is that it doesn’t require meditation, nor deeper concentration. If you want to achieve self-empowerment you will need a teacher, patience, and a practice. Besides this you will also need the confidence that you will succeed. Reiki represents the universal energy and it works with it, and therefore it is even greater than the individual using it.

Reiki is not a religion. So a Christian can use it the same way that a Muslim or a Buddhist can. There is no strict dogma regarding reiki practice and because of this there is now hundreds of different styles of Reiki to choose from. However it is a deeply spiritual and relaxing experience and you can make it as intense or as moderate as you want to. It just depends on your own individual preference..

We all have the option to practice Reiki, and yet, not all of us are prepared to do it.
This happens because we need to be deeply connected with our deeper self, accepting our best self. We are energy based human beings, we are unique, and we need to accept ourselves. And seeing ourselves as natural born healers. Yes, it really is so easy and fun that anyone can do it!

You can use this energy every single day and you will see the improvements. Your life will change and you will find yourself meeting many new people. Some are open and receptive to Reiki while others are not. So we would never force our ideas onto people that don't support our own views because there are so many people out there that do share our same dreams and desires.

Reiki can and will improve your entire existence and your whole being, and you will be able to connect with yourself in a way you couldn’t at times before. You will become more sensitive to the energy of others around you as well and you will be able to feel things and energy on a deeper level.

The power of healing yourself is right in your hands, you just need to release it.

This is the main way in which you can achieve self-empowerment and use it every day. 

You are loved.
All is well.

Aho Mitakuye' Oyasin, 

A Brief Energetic Meditation

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Energy meditation is just one form of spiritual meditation that you can use. And it is another great way to incorperate Reiki energy into your daily meditation practice.

This form of meditation focuses on how everything is made up of energy.

Whether you are meditating by yourself or are engaging in guided meditation lead by an instructor, this form of meditation is liberating to both the mind and the soul.

The benefits of energy meditation go beyond what we can do for ourselves emotionally and physically in everyday life. By using this form of meditation we will develop self-awareness, a higher level of understanding about people and objects around us, and a better appreciation for life in general.

Moreover, there are physical rewards that are just as beneficial. Your stress level will lower. Your blood pressure will drop. Your heart rate will decrease. You will feel liberated and free!

A Quick Session
Before engaging in an energy meditation, we need to allow ourselves to relax our physical body and our mind. We will learn to feel compassion for everyone and everything around us. This includes both living beings and non-living objects.

If you are a Reiki practitioner you can connect to Reiki by saying “I will connect to Reiki now.”

Say things like “may everyone be happy” or “may all of God’s creatures find happiness on earth.” Be thankful to God for everything you have. You may want to say a special prayer, give a moment of silence,  or chant a special mantra if you know one or have had one given to you by a teacher. Provoking positive thoughts will put your mind at ease and help the meditation process flow smoothly.

Once you have your mind at rest, focus your attention on everything around you.
*If you are a Reiki practitioner you can intend to send this loving energy distantly to every person and every living thing on the planet. You can intend to surround yourself with loving white light.

Think of everything that surrounds us as energy. People, objects, animals, and all physical structures on earth should be thought of as forms of energy.

Picture all of these things turning into energy and creating an energy field around you.
Feel the warmth in your palms. Feel it going from out of your heart in to the heart of others all around the world.

See yourself surrounded in warm white light. Feel it encasing your body like a warm gentle blanket.

Start from the outside in. Once your outer energy field has been established around you,
you can focus on your inner body. Picture your body as energy (your skin, your organs, everything).

Once you have achieved perfect balance between self and environment, stay in your meditative state for about twenty or thirty minutes. Feel yourself coming back into a loving connection with the universe.

After a few minutes; When your energy begins to recede, you may finish the meditation by  saying quietly to yourself “I have finished my meditation now” or something similar.

All is well.
You are loved.
Aho Mitakuye’ Oyasin,

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

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One pleasant way to deal with daily stress and fatigue is to massage it away.

For thousands of years, holistic therapies such as aromatherapy massage have been used as a way to refresh and recharge the senses.

A daily massage with scented oil can help dissolve accumulated stress and toxins. The benefits to be expected from this calming daily ritual include:

Increased circulation, especially to nerve endings Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology

 Calming for the nerves

 Lubrication of the joints

 Increased mental alertness

 Improved elimination of impurities from the body

 Softer, smoother skin

 Increased levels of stamina through the day

 Better, deeper sleep at night.

A favorite scented oil used for aromatherapy massage combines olive oil and orange blossom.

Olive oil is well known for its healing properties, both when taken internally and used to lubricate the outer body, while orange blossom oil is a scent that has been used as a stress reliever for years.

Together, olive oil and orange blossom offer luxurious skin conditioning with the added benefit of soothing stress-reduction.

Described as a delicacy for the skin, combinations of these oils such as those found in the Olive Oil and Orange Blossom Collection by Caswell-Massey offer benefits to the mind, body and soul.

The collection includes a body oil in this scent that can be used as a massage oil but can also be used to maintain healthy skin tone on a daily basis.

You can extend the benefits of the aromatherapy by using other products that contain the scents.

These products might include a bath and shower gel, a moisturizing bath oil, a cleansing bar, body butter, moisturizing oil that can also be used as a leave-in conditioner, and scented candles.

Even applying an eco friendly scented lip balm can offer an instant way to de-stress.

Solar Flares

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As I notice the accumulation of more and  more solar flares being lit,
I find that myself and other light beings are being bombarded by the
mass technological soup of it.

Along with the new vital waves of living energy
and light I find myself being shaken from the effects of it all.
I am more prone to headaches. I find myself needing more earthing and
more rest. More shut-downing of electrical gadgetry and more meditation.

Spending less time trying to swim upstream and more time going with the flow.

Spirit has contacted me in so many life giving ways lately. I am blessed.

Messages that seep into my subconscious and allow me to bring them forth out
into the light for further processing. I began doing some deep rooted healing where
my ex was concerned. It dug up some pretty ugly stuff that had been hidden away
for years. It's funny the excuses that we give ourselves for reasons why we cannot heal.

Now with the solar flares shining the light onto Earth

I feel like KABOOM it is all being cast into the light for me to heal. I feel like I am on the right path.

I find myself often times in a higher state of being. I am more connected to the Earth
and the Moon now than ever before.

I have found a beautiful group of women that partake in
womb healing and womb blessings.

This is such a necessary part of a woman's cycle so I
am happy to joyfully partake of it and to celebrate it. As a result I am teaching my daughter
who just started her menses for the first time on how to listen to her own womb speak when it tells her to disconnect from technology and just rest as a part of her normal monthly cycle.

Energetically and in her heart space she knows the right things for her to do to find solace and comfort during that time.

She is letting go of her moody temper flares that were from ADHD thinking and is growing into a beautiful young woman that can in turn become a good healer of others if that is the road she so desires. She is less into bumping heads with me now and more into thinking before she acts.

As I watch her growing I see her transforming into her own identity as a woman. And as much as I want to cling to her and never let her stop being my little girl I know that one day soon she will find her own wings and will be ready and able to fly. We all start out with baby steps.

As many of you know I have taught Reiki freely through my yahoo group for over ten years now.

Well, as time and other responsibilities have come along in my life I have notified everyone
that the group has now closed and all the future entries will be through the website or this blog only.

I am more active in Animal Rescue, Wildlife Rescue, Farming/Homesteading, Conscious Parenting a feral wild one, and other nesting responsibilities that take up a greater part of my time. I love working with the plant, animal, and human kingdoms as my divine companions along this fantastic journey.

Have you noticed that more animals are trying to make their presence known to us now and speak to us in subtle ways. Animals love giving us messages of truth if we are open to hearing them.

Here in the summer time I have a few butterflies that love to make their presence known to me by landing on my shoulders then all spreading around my neck like a fluttering necklace..
I am from the Butterfly clan so I am thrilled that they are sharing themselves and their energy with me in this special way. They form in a silky cocoon in my favorite tree in the yard and year after year when it turns warmer they eat from the tree leaves and then after a few days of hiding again they take flight.

While I have been away from the blogging I have been more active in going to Mass on Wednesday and Sunday because I have felt closer to God in the past couple of years and I want a closer relationship with him since there are less God loving souls now more than ever in the world. I am feeling the divine spark of life and God is here with me always. Spirit is amazing because it is everywhere all at once.

This is a year for growth. Many healers are transforming and changing/growing right now. Changing their HISstory and HERstory for their highest good.

For 2014 my word of the year is Strength. As I am learning to find my own source of Strength.

There is so much new energy here on Earth now that is available to us during this time. It is definitely a time for old energies and thought patterns to be leaving and replaced by higher vibrations.
I personally have never liked being trapped in darker energies or thought patterns. Especially those given to us by other that would wish us ill will.

This year I have taken a good hard look at myself, cleaned and cleared my energies that were hampering my spiritual growth and I have learned a lot from losing a long time life partner several years ago.

I no longer question things like "Why didn't he eat better and make better health choices?????" instead I understand that it was his choice to make and he chose to eat bad foods, dip skoal, and live the party lifestyle while I chose to drink green smoothies, hang out with yogis, and meditate. I have stopped questioning the rights and wrongs of it all.

Even though sometimes others aren't as hard on me as I am on myself.  It is a process of learning as I go and healing as I go. It is a necessary part of how we evolve as human beings.

And that is enough for me.

You are loved.
All is well.

Aho Mitakuye' Oyasin,

A Statement of Urgency from the Spiritual Peoples of the Earth

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Council Statement on Fukushima read by Chief Arvol Looking Horse

The future perils to humanity as a result of the 2011 Fukushima Dai-Chi nuclear disaster, which occurred in the wake of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, continue to emerge. New reports indicate that a wealth of new radioactive materials has been spewed into the atmosphere causing concern that It’s spreading globally. Nuclear radiation is forever. It doesn’t dissipate or disappear. No safe level exists.

Arvol Looking Horse, who is widely recognized as a chief and the spiritual leader of all three branches of the Sioux tribe – Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota – delivered a statement at the United Nations on Thursday, November 14. Looking Horse is the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, the youngest ever. The Council Statement he presented “reflects the wisdom of the Spiritual People of the Earth, of North and South America, working in unity to restore peace, harmony and balance for our collective future and for all living beings.”

The Creator created the People of the Earth into the Land at the beginning of Creation and gave us a way of life. This way of life has been passed down generation-to-generation since the beginning. We have not honored this way of life through our own actions and we must live these original instructions in order to restore universal balance and harmony. We are a part of Creation; thus, if we break the Laws of Creation, we destroy ourselves.

We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, have no choice but to follow and uphold the Original Instructions, which sustains the continuity of Life. We recognize our umbilical connection to Mother Earth and understand that she is the source of life, not a resource to be exploited.We speak on behalf of all Creation today, to communicate an urgent message that man has gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you have created. That day is here. Not heeding warnings from both Nature and the People of the Earth keeps us on the path of self-destruction. This self-destructive path has led to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, the Gulf oil spill, tar sands devastation, pipeline failures, impacts of carbon dioxide emissions and the destruction of ground water through hydraulic fracking, just to name a few. In addition, these activities and development continue to cause the deterioration and destruction of sacred places and sacred waters that are vital for Life.

Powerful technologies are out of control and are threatening the future of all life. The Fukushima nuclear crisis alone is a threat to the future of humanity. Yet, our concern goes far beyond this single threat. Our concern is with the cumulative and compounding devastation that is being wrought by the actions of human beings around the world. It is the combination of resource extraction, genetically modified organisms, moral failures, pollution, introduction of invasive species and much, much more that are threatening the future of life on Earth. The compounding of bad decisions and their corresponding actions are extremely shortsighted. They do not consider the future generations and they do not respect or honor the Creator’s Natural Law. We strongly urge for the governmental authorities to respond with an open invitation to work and consult with us to solve the world’s problems, without war. We must stop waging war against Mother Earth, and ourselves.

We acknowledge that all of these devastating actions originated in human beings who are living without regard for the Earth as the source of life. They have strayed from the Original Instructions by casting aside the Creator’s Natural Law. It is now critical for humanity to acknowledge that we have created a path to self-destruction. We must restore the Original Instructions in our lives to halt this devastation.

The sanctity of the Original Instructions has been violated. As a result, the Spiritual People of the Earth were called ceremonially to come together at the home of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle. These Spiritual Leaders and those that carry great responsibility for their people from both North and South America came together with the sacred fire for four days at the end of September 2013 to fulfill their sacred responsibilities. During this time it was revealed that the spirit of destruction gained its’ strength by our spiritually disconnected actions. We are all responsible in varying degrees for calling forth this spirit of destruction, thus we are all bound to begin restoring what we have damaged by helping one another recover our sacred responsibility to the Earth.

We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, offer our spiritual insight, wisdom and vision to the global community to help guide the actions needed to overcome the current threats to all life. We only have to look at our own bodies to recognize the sacred purpose of water on Mother Earth. We respect and honor our spiritual relationship with the lifeblood of Mother Earth. One does not sell or contaminate their mother’s blood. These capitalistic actions must stop and we must recover our sacred relationship with the Spirit of Water

The People of the Earth understand that the Fukushima nuclear crisis continues to threaten the future of all life. We understand the full implications of this crisis even with the suppression of information and the filtering of truth by the corporate owned media and Nation States. We strongly urge the media, corporations and Nation States to acknowledge and convey the true facts that threaten us, so that the international community may work together to resolve this crisis, based on the foundation of Truth.

We urge the international community, government of Japan and TEPCO to unify efforts to stabilize and re-mediate the nuclear threat posed at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. To ensure that the Japanese government and TEPCO are supported with qualified personnel and information, we urge the inclusion of today’s nuclear experts from around the world to collaborate, advise and provide technical assistance to prevent further radioactive contamination or worse, a nuclear explosion that may have apocalyptic consequences.

The foundation for peace will be strengthened by restoring the Original Instructions in ourselves. Prophecies have been shared and sacred instructions were given. We, the People of the Earth, were instructed that the original wisdom must be shared again when imbalance and disharmony are upon Mother Earth. In 1994 the sacred white buffalo, the giver of the sacred pipe, returned to the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people bringing forth the sacred message that the winds of change are here. Since that time many more messengers in the form of white animals have come, telling us to wake up my children. It is time. So listen for the sacred instruction.All Life is sacred. We come into Life as sacred beings. When we abuse the sacredness of Life we affect all Creation.

We urge all Nations and human beings around the world to work with us, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, to restore the Original Instructions and uphold the Creator’s Natural Law as a foundation for all decision-making, from this point forward. Our collective future as human beings is in our hands. We must address the Fukushima nuclear crisis and all actions that may violate the Creator’s Natural Law. We have reached the crossroads of life and the end of our existence. We will avert this potentially catastrophic nuclear disaster by coming together with good minds and prayer as a global community of all faiths.

We are the People of the Earth united under the Creator’s Law with a sacred covenant to protect and a responsibility to extend Life for all future generations. We are expressing deep concern for our shared future and urge everyone to awaken spiritually. We must work in unity to help Mother Earth heal so that she can bring back balance and harmony for all her children.

Representatives of the Council

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the 
Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
 Bobby C. Billie, Clan Leader and Spiritual Leader
Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples 
Faith Spotted Eagle, Tunkan Inajin Win 
Brave Heart Society Grandmother/Headswoman & Ihanktonwan Treaty Council, Ihanktonwan Dakota from the 
Oceti Sakowin 7 Council Fires

41 Ways to make Love to yourself

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This was so great I had to share it with you Lovelies!

Via MaryBeth Bonfiglio on Dec 12, 2013 Elephant Journal.

Love Lightly

Warning: naughty language ahead!


1. Wear silk. Tight or loose. There is just something about silk that says,“Hell yes, I love you.”  Wear the kind of silk that glides across hardwood floors like you are sliding against ice. Wear silk that gets warm and then cold.

The kind that is easy to slide in and out of.

2. Hot water. Every day. Squeezed from a sponge against your belly, down your arms. Hot water pressed against your face. Get lost in water.

3. Altars. Everywhere. All invocations to you.

4. Pay attention to your feet. Girl, those feet have walked millions of miles seeking love and freedom and truth. Rub them. Oil them. Pamper them. Behold them.

5. Place your hand on your womb and breath into it for 15 minutes. Your body is the tabernacle where love meets up and prays for more.

Your body is holy land. Your body does not lie.

6. Write. Write like a schoolgirl with a crush. Write like a political rebel. Write like a lost angel. Write like you know. Write in symbols. Write in code. Write on scraps. Write on the wall. Write everything there is. Write everything there isn’t.  Write like you make love. Write your love.

7. Every day whisper these words to yourself, “What do you do, what do you say, what do you think, what do you know.”

8. Coconut oil. All over. Everywhere. Yes, even there.

9. Feed your body when you are hungry. Give it food. Give it bread. Give it meat. Give it roots. Give it exotic spices.  Give it large bowls and wide plates. Feed your body when you are hungry. Food is love.

10. Dance alone, for yourself, in the dark. Let your clothes rip. Let your hair be a mess. Move your body like you do in your dreams. Sweat it out. Get out of breath. Pant to a rhythm. Let your ass lead.

Dance some more. Repeat.

11. Drip rose oil into your palms and place them on your face. Scent is love.

12. Buy the expensive jeans and look at your ass in them throughout the day and say,“Damn. I own that ass.”

13. Touch every part of your body, the ins and outs, the lowers and the uppers. Use your hands. Touch your body like you love your body. Touch your body like it’s your body and nobody else’s body because that’s the truth and if it’s not the truth—reclaim your ownership by touching even more. Touch your body until it’s imprinted by only your love.

14. Find some damiana. Put it in some silk. Sleep with it under your pillow. Smoke it. Drink it. Let it turn you on and open you up to the mind blowing experience that you are your best lover. That you turn yourself totally on.

You are your own aphrodisiac.

15. Take photos of yourself. Share them. Or. Fuck that. Keep them for your eyes only. You need no external validation. Keep an entire folder of pictures just of you. For only you.

16. Skinny dip in cold water. Listen for coyotes. Run fast, naked, through the woods. Find a clearing. Do yoga. Alone.

17. Eat ripe fruit in bed. Get sticky. Lick where you can reach.

18. Tell your story.

19. Re-tell your story.

20. Get sick of telling your story.

21. Make up a new story.

22. Black lace, Rye, Billie Holiday, chocolate and William Carlos Williams. At least one night this month.

23. Go for a run in the rain.

24. Luxuriate in the smell of your own body.

25. Get lost in the city or in the forest with a pen and paper. Listen. Write.

26. Kiss yourself in the mirror every single day. Like you did when you were 12 and practicing for the real thing. Slow kiss. Fast kiss. Fat lip kiss. Wet kiss. Light peck. Keep it real kind of kiss. Feel good kind of kiss.

27. Every day write yourself a note that asks, “What do you want?” Answer it all day long.

28. Drink broth for breakfast in your skivvies and high heels. Or maybe long underwear and a wool beanie or a leopard print kimono, barefoot with black toe nail polish. Drink broth and tea and hot water with lemon.

Give yourself some heat first thing. Fire your insides up. Stoke what wants to burn for you all day.

29. When the moon is filled with the sun’s light, stand under Her. Alone. State your need, your blessed vision, your self-compassion creed. Don’t be timid. Cry it out. Yell it loud. Do not take “no” for an answer. Insist upon it all.  Bow down to yourself. You are the full moon. Grant your own wish.

30. Practice magic. You know what that means. All women do. Stop pretending you don’t. Magic is sexy. Just like you.

31. Hold a “Make Love To Yourself” ritual. Red candles. Red wine. Rose incense. Rose quartz and Lapis. Johnny Cash, Neil Young or some hot sound man like that.

Write a love letter with detailed instructions to yourself about how you want to be loved. Follow them to a T.

32. Invite a friend to tell you all the reasons they would make love to you if you you’d only let them.

33. Offer a piece of hair to the Earth in a grand gesture of thanks and of promise. You will show up. You will show up to make earth quaking and quivering love to the dirty soil of your soil. Love your dirty soul. There is so much nourishment in what is your dirt.

34. Sometimes you might just need to get a hotel room. So. Just do it. Go.

35. Write poetry on your body. In black ink. Let it wear away on it’s own. In it’s own time. In it’s own space. Until it does. Let your body drink in the words.

36. You are wild. You were born that way. So how about conjuring up a louder kind of wild. Raise the volume a bit, let it boil up to the surface of your skin. Open your mouth and howl. Scream bloody love. Cackle like the million year old witch that you are. Rub dirt on your face. Paint your belly with mud. Weave moss in your hair. Stir your cauldron. Let the wild shine in your eye.

Be seen. Don’t hide behind domestication. You are wild. Wild is love.

37. Buy some really pretty rings and get married along the waterside to your one and only you. Hallowed be your name.

38. Holy hell, make a total mess. An unruly and inappropriate mess and lay in it, roll around in it, surrender to it.  Give thanks to the wild wind that scatters the chaos.

39. Get tarot cards. Read them daily. Inhale your own oracle. What you know is your light.

40. Feel you hands. Hold your hands in your hands. Interlace your fingers together. Smell your hands. Rub your palms together. Get them hot. Place on them your cheeks. Press your fingers together and then press them against your lips. Kiss your hands. Run your fingers through your hair.

41. Tell your truth through blood red lips. Tell the truth you’re not sure of. Tell the truth you know you want. Tell the truth that hurts so bad and hurts so fucking good. Tell the truth of lies and the lies of the truth. Remind yourself there is no right or wrong. Remind yourself. Always.

There are only a million different ways to love yourself.

There are million ways to seduce.

Happy Valentine's Day

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Hello once again Dear Students and Friends,

I hope this greeting finds you snuggly warm and eating lots of chocolate!


As you can tell we have ran out of space again on the site and in our yahoo group so I have downsized the stuff we no longer use in order to upload more fantastic stuff in the upcoming months! So stay tuned!....... Yipee!

New Moon Contemplation – Rebirth  


February is the month of love, growth, fresh starts, and rebirth. It is the month when the young goddess comes alive, and says her goodbyes to the old man of winter.


There is so much lovelyness taking place outside right now. The birds are singing, the deer are mating, even the opposums have a mission and a place to be now. none of their time has been wasted.



The element this month is Fire for the month of February.

Fire is one of the necessary basic elements that we need in our lives to create. Without fire our lives are boring, stale, lifeless. We have no sense of expression or desire. We flow through life like zombies. And if we have too much fire we tend to burn ourselves out, being out of control with our desires.


Shamanic cures:


Not enough Fire: Slow earth drum rthyms, pulsating beats, drumming journeys, tantric melodies, burning a red candle or incense, wearing red clothing, wearing a sexy empowering fragrance such as patchouli, frakencense, or dark musk.

Turn your music on and stomp your feet on the ground  in a two step rthym to connect to the energy. If you have never done this then watch a stomp dance at a pow wow site on youtube first then repeat the actions in your living room. You can also beat a healing drum.

Ask the fire energy for a healing. Close your eyes and feel if it has a message for you while you dance.

This dance should last at least five minutes or longer and when you are done you should feel the life force energy pulsating through your veins.

Repeat this twice a day until you feel your inner fire coming alive. Once in the morning and once after dinner should do it.

Thank the element for its help and then finish by coming back to center.


Too much fire or sexual passion?: Dampen it out! Use calming water and nature sounds. Watch ocean videos.

Listen to soft melodies that involve water such as rushing springs or ocean waves, drink room temperature water or when taking a bath, bathe in lukewarm (not hot) water.

Print out pictures of water or purchase water art prints. Wearing turquoise jewelry or a blue stone bracelet such as lapis lazuli or carry a blue crystal in your pocket to help tame firey dispositions.

While connecting to the water element you may close your eyes and ask it for a healing or a special message. What gifts can it give you now?

Once you are done thank the element for its help and then finish by coming back to center.

What other yummy news has Valentine's day got for us?


Lovely venus goes into Aquarius the 2nd of February for some fun filled days.

And she has her loving eyes on you all month!

Get out of those fuzzy pink jammies and do something with that hair! You don't want Mr. Right to see you like THAT do you?

Go out on a date!  Or find someone new!  Venus governs love affairs so Love may still be pulling on your heartstrings during this time. Your eyes may lock with that special someone. We'll see what that sneeky cupid is up to with his mischievious ways.


Don't close up to love emotionally or physically during this time. 

Just watch out for any misguided intentions concerning love. If you know the relationship isn't working for you don't try to take it to the next level because this could spell disaster.

It could also be time to release old relationships that no longer serve us or our highest good.

When uranus moves into the 6th house it could be time for you to declare those hidden feelings for someone because it is your time to shine. You are working it like a ROCK STAR all month long! Where are you getting all of that creative energy from anyway :)


Mercury goes into retrograde at the first of this month; which means using caution where money and ideas are concerned. Mercury rules over thieves so they could be out at any ATM or email scam.

Check and double check bank accounts, passwords, research all contracts closely before signing them. No risky ventures or investments during this time. Re-evaluate your resources and protect them now from thieves. I find my appliances go out of whack the most during retrograde times. Call it a coincedence if you want. Just don't buy anything new during this time without an extended warranty. You can thank me later on that one.  


This is the year for BIG MONEY,  but don't get taken in by any get rich quick schemes or con artists selling snake oil. Mercury rules the moving parts in machines and the chips in electronics. Judgment is often off too, so you may simply buy the wrong model at the wrong time and regret the purchase later.


Mercury will retrograde this time in Pisces and your solar second house of earned income, so you may find that checks owed to you are held up or missing.

This is tax season, so if you don't get your record of what you earned in the previous calendar year from your employer or client, it may have been sent to the wrong address in error. Have a look at your credit card statements to make sure there are no unauthorized charges or errors, too.


On the 9th-10th  will cause you to reflect as to whom are you giving your vital life force energy away to. It could be a person, place, or thing that is draining you and may cause you to put up walls just to shield yourself from their negativity..

Or it could even be an outdated mentality or belief that you are still holding on to. Even though it is time to let go.

Accept your self imposed limitations and make the changes that you need to make during this time. Upgrade your skills, take a class, or go back to school. Find your destiny this year.

It is a great time to team up with others or build your own tribe. Find others of a like mind that share your cause.


You will get a major green light from the universe on the 18th of Feb; which makes you feel empowered and bold. Don't get sidetracked by negative people during this time. Be clear and kind with what you say to others as they could be taken the wrong way.


February is the time to plant new seeds of creation so you can birth those newborn ideas during the whole summer.

It is also the time to realign with your vibrational goals and desires for the year ahead.


Wearing the feng shui colors of gold, pink, and red during this month and decorating your stale office space, gloomy den, or bedroom will really kick in those love and prosperity vibes for you in no time.  


You can place a crystal dish on your bedstand and place some little little ebay purchased crystals in it such as Amethyst, Tiger eye, Yellow jasper, Adventurine, Green Peridot, Green Ruby Zoisite, Citrine, Clear quartz, Rose quartz, Obsidian with some imitation gold nuggets, pearls, gold bars and gold feng shui coins, or a couple of gold bracelets, or earrings and some little prosperity charms from the dollar tree, some imitation red rose petals, and don't forget to upgrade your front porch dormats and bed coverings during this month with red and gold ones which are symbols of wealth and prosperity. Using these feng shui cures is another of the universe's way of  rolling out the red carpet for you, dear ones. I have taken this one step farther by feng shui-ing my cluttered up desk. All of the junk in the desk-trunk is now gone and it is filled with little sizzling red and gold items. And even a feng shui coin tree! You can look around at different sites like I did for more info.


In order to use this new moon to the max, spend a little time thinking about what you'd like to accomplish in this new  year ahead.

Choose at least one step to take just after the new moon arrives. It can be small, for at a new moon, you don't need to actually accomplish your goal, but the caveat is you must START. 

Create an inspiration journal or mind map of what you want to manifest for yourself for the upcoming year. It is never to late to start. The sooner you start your initiation after the new moon arrives, the better.

Think of a new moon as strong and helpful the moment it arrives, and with each passing day it becomes slightly weaker, until it completely fades by the time you get close to the full moon two weeks later.


Here is the point to remember: The actions you take during the new moon period this month will have the power to affect you positively for a year or more (possibly forever).

It will be twelve months until you get another new moon in Aquarius, so use this months' bright loving fire energy to your full advantage while you are given such a powerful advantage.


I am so excited to send you a Firey FREE Prosperity Attunement on this Full Moon with my loving heart filled bliss. February 25th, at 9PM EST. 

All you have to do is sit quietly alone in a meditative posture, align yourself, accept and call in the energy from me to you.   Just Leave me a comment with your full name and location to be added to the Firey FREE Prosperity  Attunement list!


All is well.

You are loved.



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