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The Earth is changing

Posted by Ladyhawk on September 29, 2014 at 10:50 PM

We have forgotten who we are in connection with Mother Earth.

We are the soul of our Mother and Father.


Consciousness of the old paradigm is ending.


Earth is going through a major shift vibrationally.


This vibration is echoing out into the universe as conflict, war, cyber threats, judgement, materialism, poverty-ism, and violence against humanity and animals.


We are living our lives in a constant hyper alert status feeling defensive and waiting on the next big thing to happen so we can react.


More solar flares than before are creating wonky technology.


Appliances are breaking, half working, and often need replaced even after very little use.


People are getting less sleep at night, less rest during the day, less relaxation when at home, and are now living in a fast paced New York City way of life where time never stands still.


Our children are developing more brain issues, more health maladies such as eating disorders, arthritis, gout, tumors, reproductive issues, and more learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Down's syndrome.


When the world chooses to show us its ugliness tempting us to engage and crazy makers are running around willy nilly tempting us to respond to their triads. To act out right along with them. We are in a time when we are all feeling defensive, vengeful, hateful, and downright snarky.


There are millions of revolving emotions going on around the world right now. I myself have jumped head first into the emotion pool once or twice already before quickly pulling myself back out by my shirttails and saying "whoaaa there girl... get a grip on yourself." We are all learning about personal space and boundaries.


Remember that just as many people as you are also voicing their opinions right now and long hours at work and sweltering heat can make people act crazy. The Walmart girl that you might snicker at for being so slow has to walk 24 miles a day at work for only $7.25. The person at McDonald's that accidentally forgot your straw may have been there since 4AM and only makes $7.15. When we experience a lot of mixed energy all at once it can feel overwhelming. Everyone is going through this learning process at the same pace and none of us are enlightened yet.


Seeing everyone as an equal to yourself and take no-one as an emotional hostage during your day. Allow others to voice their thoughts and don't take it personal. It's not meant to insult you. Everyone is learning to speak their truth at the same time. My truth may not be the same as your truth. But know that you're not alone. We are all going through this together at the same time.


In my own relationship my guy is teetering somewhere between a Circus Monkey and Charles Mansion. I find myself bouncing from a place of retreat and verbal time out to a place of self preservation and back to a place of love frequently. We are running the gambit of emotions and are learning to find that quiet place within us in order to make each of us happier in the long run. It's okay to not have all of the answers. Things will get better.


Take time to clean and clear your inner shadow that needs to be healed by recognizing your triggers and what evokes them from others. Every instance is a choice for us to do something magical. To bring something beautiful back in to the world. We don't have to engage. We can choose to be observers and co-creators of love and peace instead.


Look for the beauty and strength in every person you encounter. Start up a conversation. Listen to their story. Choose to make a conscious connection with them and choose not to hate because hate only creates more hate. It is much easier to hate than to love. Love requires patience and understanding.


When anger, sadness, conflict, strife appear recognize your part in these feelings. See them for what they are~ a springboard for change~ but don't allow yourself to ever wallow in them for very long periods of time.


On days off go for a walk in nature. Or stir things up a bit by going on an exhilarating hike up a mountain. Find a spring. Listen to the water flowing by. Look at your reflection in the water. Make funny faces in the ripples. Notice the animals that share this world with you. Take their pictures. Come home and make the photos, sketches, or drawings you made into art. Surround yourself in it. Share it with others.


Make zen art stacks or Madella art with rocks and sticks. Make something beautiful and creative in this way every week. Sit out in the sun as it is rising or setting. Don't let the distraction of technology make you react.


Leave the clocks, watches, and technology at home. Let this conscious connection to the earth and to nature permeate all the way down to your cells and your bones. Intend that this place be your sacred healing place and come here often. Leave with the intention of I AM HEALED and accept it as your universal truth. Leave this place with a crystal, corn meal, a coin, or some bird seed as an offering to heal the place, and make it a little better than it was before you arrived.


Live every single day of your life with intention. Some of the most beautiful people in this world aren't supermodels but average people like you and I that share their intention, radiance, love, and knowledge with the world. Seek these people out. Learn from them. Imitate their life qualities. They don't watch the daily news, focus on world events, or read gossip magazines for a reason. These are all lower energy distractions.

Instead focus your energy on your own super fabulous tribe. This can be family, or your circle of friends.Let go of the small stuff because it really is just small stuff.


Forgive those that have hurt or wounded you in some way. It frees you from living in a prison of hate and anger. Sure, they may deserve some kind of punishment or karma crunchies for their crimes but it doesn't need to come from you. Release it and be free.


Love and nurture yourself just as a lover would. Don't wait on the perfect person to come along for this! Buy yourself some fragrant roses, exotic perfume, or chocolates!


Remember sometimes transformation is an ugly process. Have you ever seen a caterpillar in transformation?

What we are seeing now in the world is from years of stagnant energy being unleashed all at once. So there's going to be some crazy shit along with the shedding of old beliefs and outdated paradigms.


Stay safe and grounded out there :)

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